SEDS Series Speaker Suggestion Form
Criteria for selection:
- From a traditionally underrepresented group in STEM (woman, ethnic minority, disabled, LGBT, socioeconomically disadvantaged, etc.) or have a strong record of working to increase diversity in science

SEDS Series Mission:
To bring highly successful professionals in biomedical, life and physical science fields to UCLA to highlight and celebrate the importance of diversity in scientific excellence.  To provide career development and informal networking opportunities to underrepresented groups on campus.  

SEDS speakers give a research seminar and, importantly, give a presentation and/or meet with students and postdoctoral trainees to discuss how they have succeeded in their careers and contributed to increasing diversity in science.  The seminar series provides opportunities for students and postdoctoral trainees to get accustomed to discussing important matters such as diversity in science with faculty from all over the nation, on top of the scientific discussion that ensues from their general seminar

Things to keep in mind:
- High research achievement will increase turnout and credibility
- Sympathetic to increasing diversity in the sciences (ideally, the speaker should not just come from a diverse background, but should have some experience promoting and supporting diversity in the sciences)
- A dynamic speaker will keep people engaged!
- You have the potential to get to know a faculty member on a professional and personal level - invite someone you really care about meeting!

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