UnMentoring Skills
Please describe the skills you could offer for UnMentoring requests from staff new to Acquisitions or taking up a new role.  UnMentoring is very informal and can be as simple as a single phone call or a couple of emails, or develop into a long term connection.  It is very much led by the participants themselves.  There is more information at: https://nag.org.uk/unmentoring/   

Please note, your email address given below will be displayed on a Members only webpage on the NAG site; if you are not comfortable with this, please note "do not display" and we will post the NAG email address instead and forward unMentoring requests to you manually.

At the end of each unMentoring partnership, we ask that you send a link to the feedback form: https://forms.gle/vr4nTvQCcJnaSYhC6 (link also available on NAG unMentoring page above).
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