Greenwood College Safe and Friendly Schools Survey
Dear Student,

Greenwood College is committed to creating a positive and safe school environment. To continue doing our best to improve the conditions for our students, we kindly request 5 minutes of your time to help us with some feedback. Your input is appreciated and highly valuable to our School Review processes.

All of your responses are 100% anonymous.
What year group are you in?
Are you male or female?
Do you feel safe at this school?
Do you feel safe at this school during recess and lunch?
Have you ever stayed away from school to avoid being bullied?
Do you think bullying is a problem in this school?
Do you get bullied verbally? (nasty, cruel comments, threats, teasing)
Do you get bullied physically? (punches, pushing, kicking)
If you see bullying, do you try to stop it in a positive way?
If you have been bullied, who did you tell? (Tick any that apply)
Do you get bullied in classrooms?
Do you get bullied on the school bus?
Are you bullied or harassed on Facebook?
Are you bullied or harassed on Snapchat?
Are you bullied or harassed on Instagram?
Do you report online bullying to Student Services?
Do you think Student Services staff at Greenwood College deal with bullying quickly and effectively?
[Optional question] Do you have any suggestions for how Greenwood College can be a safer school for its students?
Your answer
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