Computer Science Student Employment Application for 2018-19
"Early Decision" Deadline: Sunday, April 8 at 10 PM
"Standard Decision" Deadline: Friday, April 13 at 10 PM

This is the application for both Prefects and Course Staff if you are interested in being a Prefect to be sure to answer the final questions.

Job Title: Course Staff for Computer Science

Skills Needed: Professionalism and responsibility. Should have taken and received a B+ or better in the class(es) you would like to work with. (Infrequently offered electives may pose an exception.)

Job Description: These students will work in close concert with a professor teaching a CS course, and will be tasked with supporting student learning and course infrastructure. Duties will vary across courses and professors, but may include combinations of the following responsibilities:

* Lab hours: Some courses--including 111, 201, and 251--will have staff assigned to work with students in the department labs. In this role, staff will help students learn the art of debugging and navigate individual assignments.

* Office hours: For some courses, fostering student learning may take place better at a whiteboard than over a keyboard. Such courses may have staff schedule office hours to be able to help students with course material, either individually or in small groups.

* Grading: Grading should happen in a professional, timely, and consistent manner, with a focus on providing positive, constructive feedback. Accurate and confidential records will need to be kept throughout the term.

* Course assistance: Some courses may require assistance with in-class activities, labs, demonstrations or the like.

This position requires not just familiarity with the material, but also puts a premium on professionalism and reliability, as well as the ability to interact with students (depending on the course). Applicants should indicate which courses they can and would like to work with, as well as which roles they would be most excited to undertake.

Positions are typically 10 hours per week and start the first week of classes and runs through the end of exams.

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