Application for Membership


Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in our organization.
Persons eligible as members

Persons shall be admitted to membership in accordance with this by-law and shall be entered in the register of members accordingly. Every applicant for membership in the Society must complete the following prior to being granted probationary status:

a) Be a resident of, or employed in, the Kentville Volunteer Fire Departments Fire District.
b) Be of eighteen (18) years old or older.
c) Hold a grade twelve (12) diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.) OR currently be enrolled in Grade 12 and provide documentation of such.
d) Pass a medical exam clearing you for firefighting duty the form for which is supplied by the department.
e) Provide a clear Criminal Record Check through Kentville Police Service or RCMP.
f) Provide a clear Child Abuse Registry Check.
g) Or be a member or whose name appears on the Veterans list.

If you have questions about the application process, please email

Introduction to the KVFD

Being a member of a volunteer fire department, particularly one as busy as ours, will be demanding and stressful at times. You will lose sleep and be required to expend significant amounts of physical and mental energy. You may see and experience things that may trouble you at times.

However, being a volunteer firefighter is also rewarding. You will become part of very close-knit group, and have opportunities to help people during some of life's most trying times.

Training is a constant for firefighters. The KVFD requires all new members to start the Kings County Level One firefighter training program within 18 months of joining. This program normally runs on Tuesday nights. There is also regular department training sessions Monday nights at 7 p.m.

The KVFD has an attendance requirement. Probationary members are required to have a minimum attendance of 45% for all calls, practices and monthly meetings during their six-month probationary period. Within 30 days of joining you will have your safety orientation session. During that month you will not be allowed to ride on trucks, but you should still answer alarms when possible.

Those applying to join the department should live and/or work within the KVFD fire district.

Within 60 days you will be required to complete introductory training in a number of topics and then take a physical abilities test. Your officers will help you prepare for this. Former members or firefighters from another department will have the option to challenge the test within the first 30 days. Failure of the physical abilities test will result in a termination of probation, but candidates are welcome to re-apply after six months.

Training in self-contained breathing apparatus will also be provided for those candidates who are applying to be front-line firefighters. Candidates must pass an SCBA assessment before being eligible to ride on primary-response fire apparatus. This assessment should be completed in three months, but candidates have up to six months to do so.

From time-to-time, openings are available for members to fill support roles within the department. Those members do not ride on apparatus or fight fires, and do not need to complete the basic and introductory training above.

While we appreciate all interest in joining the department, not all applicants may be selected for an interview.

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