JCCOC Sister City Initiative: Youth Online Session Application Form 日加姉妹都市プロジェクト『ユースオンライン交流会:第三回』お申し込みページ

To strengthen the sister city relationship between New Westminster (BC, Canada) and Moriguchi (Osaka, Japan), the Japan Canada Chamber of Commerce (JCCOC) organized a successful youth online session in February and May this year, and this will be another inspiring online session for young people aged 13 and 22 from Canada and abroad, who are interested in Japanese language and culture to talk about their favourite aspects of Japanese culture in a 60-minute online interaction (Zoom). Share your knowledge about Japan, learn more from others, and deepen the cultural insights! An event participation certificate will be granted to all the participants by JCCOC.

Event Organizer: Karen Baker MacGrotty (JCCOC director)
Event Facilitator: Mari Kato (JCCOC director), Miki Takabayashi (JCCOC director)

Event: Saturday, October 15th in 2022 @ 5pm~6pm  (in PDT)
Please fill in the blanks below for registration.
One registration per participant.
Registration deadline: Friday, October 7th in 2022 (or the registration will be closed once it reaches 60 participants.)
Fee: Free
Inquiry: mkato.jccoc@gmail.com

イベント企画: Karen Baker MacGrotty (日本カナダ商工会議所理事)
イベント運営: Mari Kato(日本カナダ商工会議所理事), Miki Takabayashi (日本カナダ商工会議所理事)

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Participant's full name /参加者のお名前(漢字:アルファベット書きを次にご記入ください) *
If your name is in alphabet, you can skip this section. 日本語名の参加者のみ:お名前のアルファベット(こちらの名前が参加認定証に記載されます)
Participant's age/参加者の年齢
Your country/お住まいの国
Email of participant's parents or guardians /参加者の保護者のEメール
Email  of participant (if the participants themselves would like to receive the session Zoom link) /参加者のEメール(交流会のZoomリンクを参加者ご自身が受け取りたい場合)
Phone number/お電話番号
Participant's school/参加者の学校名
Participant's Japanese level/参加者の英語レベル
How did you get to know about this event?/本イベントについてどこで知りましたか?
Which area(s) of Japanese culture are you interested in?/カナダのどんなことに興味がありますか?
【Media Consent Form (should be checked by parents/guardians) 】The Japan Canada Chamber of Commerce (JCCOC) will take photos and/or videos of the event of the Youth Online Session and may use them in communications such as newsletters, reports, brochures, school district announcements and/or public newspapers. Photos and videos may also be shared on websites and/or social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of JCCOC and other related organizations or personnel for educational purposes, celebrating the successful achievements by the participants, and/or further promoting the mission of strengthening the tie between the two cities. If you DO NOT want your child(ren)’s image being published by outside media, please select NO below and JCCOC will take all reasonable steps to comply with your request. For parents who have court orders describing their parental rights, this form should be signed by a parent who has the right to exercise the child(ren)’s privacy protection rights. You also understand that your child(ren) will not receive separate compensation from JCCOC or anyone else for the permission granted in this Consent nor for the actual publication or use of their photograph or video. By signing this Consent, you understand you are releasing JCCOC and any staff members involved in this event from any and all liability that may occur as a direct or indirect result of their photograph, and the release of the public relations materials. Their names will not be released. (When you choose "yes" below, the participants' image will be in a group photo.)【撮影・掲載同意書(保護者による同意が必要)】日本カナダ商工会議所(JCCOC)が本イベントの際に撮影した参加者の写真および動画は、会報・報告・パンフレット・教育委員会告知・地域新聞などに掲載されることがあります。撮影データはまた、教育目的・イベントの成功報告・日本とカナダの交流をさらに固める目的のため、JCCOCやその他関係団体および関係スタッフのホームページ、SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)にて使用されることがあります。参加者の肖像の使用を希望しない場合は、下記にて「いいえ」をクリックしてください。JCCOCはご希望に添えるようできるだけのことをいたします。親権に関する裁判命令書が出ているご家族の場合、本同意書は、参加者のプライバシー保護権を行使できる権利のある保護者の方が回答をしてください。また本同意書に同意することや実際の掲載にあたり、JCCOCを含む誰からも対価を受け取ることはできません。本同意書に同意することで、本イベントに関係するJCCOCおよびその他すべてのスタッフは、撮影データ掲載による直接的間接的結果として生じるかもしれないあらゆる責任から免除されることにも同意いたします。なお参加者のお名前を掲載することはありません。(下記で「はい」を選ぶと、参加者の写真が集合写真に含まれます。)
Your commitment is expected once you register./登録後は必ずご参加いただく必要がございます。
Thank you for your registration!/お申し込みありがとうございます。
JCCOC will send a Zoom link email to your registered email(s) by October 14. Please check your spam box just in case it is sorted out into it.  Email mkato.jccoc@gmail.com if you don't received it. We're looking forward to seeing you in the session.
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