National Black Food & Justice Alliance Member Inquiry Form (Individual)
National Black Food and Justice Alliance is a coalition of Black-led organizations working towards cultivating and advancing Black leadership, building Black self-determination, Black institution building and organizing for food sovereignty, land and justice.

If you are interested in joining the National Black Food & Justice Alliance as an individual, please complete this form. Upon joining the Alliance, all new members attend an orientation, consent to the NBFJA Community Agreements (to be sent via email upon Alliance receipt of this form), join a work group, and contribute to the organization via annual dues. An excerpt of our Core Beliefs is included below.

1) We come to this work rooted in love, leading with our hearts, guided by our intellect, and standing on the shoulders of our ancestors’ wisdom.
2) We are committed to Black liberation and understand that when all Black people are free, then everyone is free.
3) In our commitment to centering Black leadership, we have agreed that all organizational members of the leadership and decision making body will be comprised of at least 70% Black leadership including staff leadership, decision making members and board.
4) We value the contributions and leadership of Black folks of all backgrounds in the struggle for liberation, including comrades of all genders, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. We understand the necessity of centering the margins of the margins of our communities in our work and our leadership.
5) We seek the dismantling of sexist patriarchy and transphobia.
6) We believe in the necessity of building cooperative rather than capitalist economic food system models.
7) We are deeply invested in holding each other accountable to these commitments.
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Thank you for completing this form, a member of the leadership team will be in touch within the next two weeks. We look forward to connecting soon!
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