Code Of Ethics Survey for School Counselors

The American School Counselor Association is updating the code of ethics that school counselors should follow. As a result, they are seeking information from school counselors nationwide to provide input into these revisions.

Proposed revisions include addressing the following topics:

~best practice for referrals to outside counseling agencies
~the use of data to drive school counseling programs
~expansion of college and career readiness plans
~social networking cautions
~the use of technology
~managing boundaries, including considerations for working with special populations—including homelessness, dating violence, sexual harassment, and child abuse
~virtual counseling
~counselor education and supervision.

We are seeking your input on these issues to help in ASCA’s endeavor. We would appreciate your feedback on the topics below which we will then compile in our response in January of 2016 to ASCA. Our response will be shared with our NYSSCA
membership at that time.Your feedback is critical to the formulation of these essential codes for our profession.

Please participate by sending your feedback by December 1, 2015

If you have additional questions or comments about the proposed revisions and this survey, please send them to

Thank you for your consideration of this important project.


Barbara A. Donnellan,
President 2015-2016

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    Best Practice For Referrals To Outside Agencies
    The Use Of Data To Drive School Counseling Programs
    Expansion Of College And Career Readiness Plans
    Social Networking Precautions
    Use Of Technology
    Managing Boundaries
    Virtual Counseling
    Counselor Education And Supervision
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