MN Service - Bind Item Transfer
- The price to transfer bind item is 40,000 Cabal Cash or 20 EUR (per item).
- The money will be accepted only if they are via PayPal.

This form should be filled and sent by the user who owns the item for transfering!
Source User Details:
Account ID: *
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Email Address: *
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Sub-Password: *
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Character Name: (Item Holder) *
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Transfer Item: (Item name - Options) *
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URL link with image of the item: (not necessarily)
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Source Discord Name: *
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Destination User Details:
Destination Character Name: (The item will be transfered to this character) *
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Destination Discord Name: *
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Payment Details:
Who will pay for this procedure? *
Payment Method: *
To finish the procedure, both sides should have a mid-man, so contact both sides to Discord Name: DWBaHu0#9805 *
Time Period:
The process with transfering the item might take up to 24 hours.
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