Clear Fears for Abundant Living
You can feel it. It has come your time to live a life of abundance. But something keeps holding you back, weighing you down, keeping you stuck.

If you aren't making the progress in life you want, or you find that you keep feeling that you don't have enough or that you aren't enough....fear is what is holding you back. Fear thoughts show up in sneaky ways and, because they can be so "normal" or under the radar, they keep controlling our life.

All the how-to's in the books won't help us until we've cleared out the barriers that have been keeping us stuck all this time.

Uncover your fear thoughts and clear them out!
It's time to break free and live the life you want!

Here's what JL had to say about Clear Fears for Abundant Living:

"For me fear is a constant voice in the back of my head. Can I be good enough? Am I a good person? Why didn’t I get that thing done yesterday, I am a failure? The Clear Fears for Abundant Living gave me the tools to help identify what is causing my fears and helped me work through the wounds that cause the fear. It also helped me visualize my life without fear of those fears. It helped start the process of not having those fears impact my life anymore. I am improving and not letting my fears run my life like they did before. I am doing activities to take care of myself, love myself and turn off the auto-pilot that was running my life. "
So why am I even doing this? (In case you're curious....)
I've lived my life as an anxious person. That means I worried pretty much non-stop. I worried about if people liked me or if I even had anything likeable about me. I worried about my grades and if I'd ever succeed enough (whatever that means). I worried about my body and how I could manipulate it's shape. I worried about....all of it.

I was living my life blinded by and chained down by FEAR. Fear is your Ego's way of keeping you small, stuck, and convinced that you are not enough and there isn't enough (fill in the blank) out there for you.

Sound familiar?

No amount of evidence that I was doing just fine (and even overachieving) was a match for my fears. The awards, achievements, accolades didn't even register to me.

It wasn't until awhile after I had been diggin' a Mindfulness practice (that really helped me notice my thoughts without having to believe them) that I started to realize how much these fears were keeping me from truly living life. I was playing small in all areas of my life and trapped in stories that I pretty much sucked and was going to have to find a way to settle for that "reality."

I then started to connect with something that is kind of's called "love." This love wasn't given to me or from someone else. It was something deep within me and it was fierce. The more I intentionally connected with this instead of Fear, I started to understand some truths that I will share more about in the course. Essentially, I realized that abundance was available to me (and everyone!) already. I didn't need to earn it, I just needed to connect with it.

Marianne Williamson (a teacher of A Course In Miracles) states, "to live in abundance, you must dwell in abundance."

From there, I have been living a life so full and abundant I can hardly believe it.

This course is going to guide you through all of the tools I used to not only connect with abundance, but to actually clear out those fears that are keeping you stuck, stressed, and from reaching what is available to you....pure, true, radiant ABUNDANCE.

I'm thrilled to share this information with you and help be one of many guides that will come to you as you learn to connect with abundance. Your time has come to awaken (or you wouldn't be here reading this).

Ready? Let's do this!
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