Nova Scotia Health & Safety - CEO Safety Charter - Signatory Survey

The Steering Committee wants to hear from all Charter Signatories to help in establishment of initiatives which are of the greatest interest to Signatories and, as well, can be done in a manner which is flexible and responsive to Signatories in a timely manner.

As well, the Steering Committee would like to get some additional information from you so that initiatives can be communicated directly to Senior Leaders (where appropriate) and to Safety Leaders (where appropriate).

The Steering Committee thanks you in advance for your responses.

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The Steering Committee is planning to discuss the following four initiatives at its planning meeting in Mid-February 2017. We would appreciate your comments with respect to each aspect.
1. Mental Health in the Workplace - Following on the presentation by Louise Bradley of the Mental Health Commission of Canada at the Fall Conference, information respecting establishment of programming in consultation with the Mental Health Commission of Canada will be posted shortly on our website. Do you consider that this information will be helpful to your organization? *
2. Website Discussion Groups - Our website has the capacity to create private discussion groups where members who have signed in can view discussion topics, raise issues of concern and post content.Is this initiative one which your organization would consider helpful? *
3. Signatory Assistance Mentorship - From time to time Charter Signatories will have challenges in their organizations respecting health and safety issues reflected in significant WCB claims or otherwise. Consideration is being given to establishing a network where organizations could reach out for assistance and Health and Safety Leaders from other organizations would make themselves available to provide assistance, all on a confidential basis.Is this initiative of interest to your organization? *
If “yes” would you be prepared to make yourself or a Senior Health and Safety Leader available (subject to scheduling) to assist?
4. Lunch and Learns - From time to time organizations may be prepared to discuss at a Lunch and Learn the safety challenges in their industry and how they are met. Not only would such occasions provide specific information but would also provide relevant operational information respecting interesting and/or challenging businesses – eg. offshore oil exploration and/or production, manufacturing world class tires, etc. These, if offered, would be on a cost recovery basis. Is this initiative of interest to your organization? *
5. Webinars - Our website manager has the capacity to set up webinars to connect with Signatories without the expense or inconvenience of travel time or time away from the office. Webinar recordings also add to the convenience of re-watching a segment or catching up on what may have been missed for those who were not able to attend the live version. Presenters would, of course, have to be provided but would vary depending upon the type of webinar – eg. WCB could do a general or specific update, a webinar could be arranged on a specific topic such as “Working Alone Policy/ Procedures”, how to do drug or alcohol testing, etc. Would Webinars be of interest to your organization? *
There are costs involved in establishing a webinar. If your answer to the above question is yes, would your organization be prepared to pay:
Please note below topics which would be of interest to your organization for a Webinar:
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At the Fall Conference and on other occasions Charter Signatories have raised other initiatives and your comments would be appreciated. Which of the initiatives are of interest to your organization? Check as many as you wish. *
The Steering Committee would be interested in your general comments on how the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership Charter and its Steering Committee can help achieve its objectives.
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Thank you for your time in filling out this Survey!
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