Conversations with the Cosmos - December 2019 Sign-Up
Conversations with the Cosmos is a new monthly membership program curated by Astrologer & Storyteller, Shaunga Tagore. There is a free package and a paid package. For December 2019 only, everyone who signs up for the free program gets access to the paid content for a FREE MONTHLY TRIAL! Toward the end of December you'll get an email with the option to continue with the free program, unsubscribe, or access a discounted rate for the paid program. You can read more about the program at

When you sign up through this form, you'll get the following content throughout December: 1) A MID-MONTH IN-DEPTH GROUP ASTRO-TAROT ENERGY READING via a confidential closed-captioned video; 2) EACH ZODIAC SIGN'S THEME FOR 2020; 3) A PRAYER / SPELL / AFFIRMATION FOR CALLING IN YOUR HEART'S DESIRE IN 2020. It's all free with no obligation to buy anything after the month is over. The December 2019 Cosmic Report has already been sent out to subscribers, but you can still sign up for the rest of the offerings, and read the report on my website blog:

In this form you also have the opportunity to let me know what's going on for you during this 2019-2020 portal - this is optional, and I'll take your situation into account when I record the mid-month energy reading for the group.

If you have any questions, hit me up at
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