2013 Rules Summit Supplemental Ballot
The following matters were passed during Rules Summit voting this past week and precise terms must now be established. Please consider your options and vote prudently: upon Commissioner approval, all leading vote-getters pursuant to Rule 8-1 ("all proposals with more than two options require a plurality for determination, wherein the combination of like options has resulted in a simple majority in favor of the option who has gained plurality") will become rules for the 2014 UEFL season.
Poll 2: Crew Chief Points, Instant Replay Challenge (3-3-b)
Crew Chief shall receive the assessment of X points towards the overall Crew score when his crew encounters an instant replay challenge. Related to Poll 5. NEW RULE.
Poll 5: Instant Replay Challenges (4-7)
Umpire shall receive the assessment of X points towards the umpire's score when he encounters an instant replay challenge regarding his call. Related to Poll 2. NEW RULE.
Poll 6: Restriction on Appeal Eligibility (6-1)
Only UEFL membership may file an appeal. This poll determines what points assignment, if any, should be given to (un)successful appeals and whether restrictions shall be imposed. NEW RULE. (Multiple selection)
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