Application to join the Global Impact Producers Group
Hello there.

Firstly can we say how thrilled we are that you are interested in this field of work. It's a relatively new and fast moving space and we welcome people joining the work. We know that you are bringing new energy, ideas and perspectives from whatever background you are joining us.

This is an invite-only group.

The goal is to provide a space for working Film Impact Professionals (for both people who identify as practicing Impact Producers and those who identify as filmmakers leading an Impact Campaign) to work together and share resources effectively, uniting practitioners within countries and connecting them across the globe.

New members can apply by filling in this form including a 200 word bio, their location, and highlighting the work that they have already done and are about to do.

They are then assessed by one of the facilitators to the group to check they are an active Impact Professional - impact producer, filmmaker or impact theorist who already have experience of running or assessing impact campaigns.

The Facilitators are:

Beadie Finzi (UK)
Emily Wanja (Kenya)
Jamie Dobie (US)
Jess Search (UK)
Molly Murphy (US)
Sonya Childress (US)
Vanessa Cuervo Forero (Colombia)

Thank you!

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What, or Who, is an Impact Producer? Am I an Impact Producer?
We like this definition:

The Impact Producer is responsible for maximizing a film’s potential for social change. Responsibilities may vary based on the film’s content and defined distribution goals, but often include strategy development, issue mapping, brain trust facilitation, organizational partnership development and management, digital content production and engagement, and impact evaluation and measurement. An Impact Producer may also coordinate and/or oversee a film’s semi-theatrical screening campaign and release. The Impact Producer may also play a role in story development and fundraising, beginning as early as pre-production.

But we note:

You may have performed some of the roles above but with a different job title. Tell us about that when you apply. Some filmmakers are also the Impact Producer on their own films, designing and delivering campaigns separate from the film’s distribution, but without taking that additional credit. We see you.
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