How Am I Doing? A Teacher Survey
As a teacher, I want to be sure that I am doing the best that I can. I am regularly receiving feedback from students, from other teachers, and from the administration. I feel that it is important to get feedback from my students' parents as well. Please help me by completing the following form.

In the first section, check the box in the 1 column if you feel that my performance in the various areas is well below your expectations. Mark a 2 if you feel I could improve, a 3 if I am meeting your expectations, and a 4 if my performance has exceeded your expectations. If you don't know please check the column labeled 0

Thank You for taking the time to complete this anonymous form. Mr. Campbell

Communication with parents.
Meeting your child's academic needs.
Meeting your child's affective needs (How they feel about school. Do they like school?).
Helping your child become more responsible for their own learning.
Helping your child build leadership skills.
Creating opportunities for exploration of individual interests.
Uses a wide variety of up to date learning materials to enhance and extend learning.
Assigns appropriate schoolwork and homework
Sets high expectations and helps my child to reach them.
Provides continued feedback to let my child know how he/she is doing.
Varies activities to meet the needs of all learners.
The teacher works well with my child.
I see the following area of excellence:
Your answer
I suggest the following area of growth:
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Additional Comments.
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