TAH3 Hare Form
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Hash#: If you know the hash #, enter it. If you don't, select 'No Idea' and the web meister will add it prior to posting.

Date: Select the date of the hash, not today's date.

Time: Select the time of PRE-LUBE. Standard is that hare(s) away should be 30 minutes after this time.

Hare(s): List who will be haring this most shytti trail.

Location: Location of the start of trail. Provide name and address if possible. If the location is obscure please put a Google Pin in the description.

Trail Name: What name do you have for this shyt show? If nothing then leave this blank.

Distance: How far will trail be? If you don't know, leave the default. But people really do look at this so give your best guess.

Shiggy: Enter the level of shiggy. Don't know levels? Here's a guide - http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/Shiggy%20Meter.htm.

Hash cash: Standard is $5 to cover costs for the hare(s). If the hounds will be purchasing their own beverages (i.e. pub crawl) then hash cash is usually $1-$2.

A-A: hash ends where it starts.
A-A+: hash ends near where it starts.
A-B: hash ends away from where it starts.

Details: Any details you want to add for the hash. This is a good place to mention cash or ID needed on trail or if a costume or special attire is suggested. This is also where you can put the Google Pin for location if needed and when hares away will be if it's not the standard "30 minutes after pre-lube."
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