CFP: Hacking the Scholarly Workflow
Hacking the Scholarly Workflow is a guaranteed workshop sponsored by the Modern Language Association Committee on Information Technology. It will be held at the MLA annual conference, held on January 4-7, 2018, in New York, New York. Participants will give a short lighting talk and then give hands-on demonstrations in breakout sessions. Responses are due March 15, 2017.

A bewildering and ever-growing number of apps, programs, and software- or equipment-related shortcuts are available for the use of literature and languages academics. These technologies can help the scholar organize her research materials, connect with other academics, streamline her teaching, manage her calendar, or promote her work. But because of this proliferation, it is difficult for each scholar to investigate every new technology.

This workshop, therefore, shares simple, real-life, low-cost, practical “hacks” that have truly worked. Examples might include applications for imaging and OCRing archival materials, creative workflows for efficient grading, and accessible and free platforms for creating professional websites.

This workshop will be broken into two parts so that participants are exposed to a maximum number of new techniques. In this first part, there will be round of quick “lightning talks” in which each participant is allotted a few minutes to explain their scholarly “hack.” Next, we will hold an hour of “breakout sessions” in which attendees choose a hack they were interested in during the lightning round. In each breakout sessions, attendees will watch a practical demonstration of the technique discussed in the lightning talk. During each breakout session, each attendee will also have the chance to try out the software or equipment being recommended.
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