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Please provide as much detail as possible to help us assign the best volunteers to serve your needs.
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Please describe what work you need done and the challenges with which we can help you:
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Can you email photos with your address to 850mission@gmail.com to help us assign the right volunteers to you?
I understand that Mission850 is a volunteer organization. Mission850 volunteers will never ask for any payment. Mission850 volunteers should work when the resident is present to meet them. The resident will help the volunteers if possible and be there to assist them in understanding what needs to be done. Mission850 and Mission850 volunteers are not responsible for any damages or loss to the property. Mission850 is a "good samaritan" ministry and will work to the best of our ability to help with a resident's needs. Mission850 may not be able to address every need or complete every project, however we will do the best we can. I understand these statements and agree to invite Mission850 to help with my needs as stated above (sign by typing your full name):
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