United Methodist Clergywomen Respond to Amendments' Defeat
In the past few days, United Methodist clergywomen have reached out to each other, sharing our deep sorrow at the news that the two constitutional amendments relating most closely to women and gender justice were not approved. Women and girls around the connection must now live into the reality that the United Methodist Church did not affirm our equality with men and boys. We write this letter not to defend ourselves but to confront faithfully those in our church who refuse to proclaim the equality of all people in our foundational documents.

As Wesleyans, we offer a distinctly fourfold response:

Scripture: Despite the ways that Christians have misused Scripture throughout history to relegate women to second-class status, the very first chapter of our Bible tells another story: “Then God said, ‘Let us make humanity in our image…God created humanity in God’s image, in the divine image God created them, male and female God created them” (Genesis 1:26-27). Women have always been an equally important part of God’s work in this world. Indeed, Jesus commissioned Mary Magdalene as the first apostle to proclaim Christ’s Resurrection.

Tradition: Following the example set by Mary Magdalene, women continue to proclaim God’s movement on earth. From the beginning of the Methodist movement, women have led Methodists in making disciples and spreading scriptural holiness. Susanna Wesley’s ordered household and devout spiritual practice distinctly informed our faith tradition. Elizabeth Strawbridge gained early converts around her kitchen table, and Barbara Heck’s fire for faith ignited the church in the United States. Without their leadership, and that of many other women, there would be no “people called Methodist.”

Experience: Not only did women historically shape United Methodism, but women, both lay and clergy, have shaped our individual lives as they have lived into God’s call. Likewise, we shape young girls who see us in ministry and know that God can also call them. Women and girls will always follow God’s call to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. And nothing - not death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation - not even The United Methodist Church itself - can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ (Romans 8:38-39).

Reason: We grieve. Strike that, we rage. As clergy, we have pledged our lives to a denomination which, in response, will not affirm women in its constitution. That is disgraceful. It seems apparent that ambiguity over the word “gender” is part of why these amendments were voted down. The sad reality is that we still face significant discrimination because of our gender. The church needs to address and eradicate this sin. However, to offer the clarity that some are seeking would mean abandoning our transgender and gender nonconforming United Methodists who have dealt with exponentially more discrimination in this denomination. We refuse to do this. Additionally, we urge United Methodists to look first at problems of misogyny in our respective areas before pointing out the speck in the eye of any other place. We applaud those Annual Conferences, particularly in Mozambique, South Africa, Finland, and the Philippines, which unanimously affirmed women - more than can be said for any full Annual Conference in the United States.

Church, as we celebrate 50 years together we admit with dismay that we have not lived up to the hopes of those who, upon uniting the Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church, restored the full clergy rights to women in the EUB Church, and eliminated the shameful segregation of the Methodist Church’s Central Jurisdiction. We must repent of our unwillingness to allow the Holy Spirit to move us on toward perfection, even in this life.

Our Charge
Since the formation of our denomination, United Methodists have repeatedly brought to the General Conference amendments supporting people regardless of sex or gender. Each one of these proposed amendments has failed. Therefore, we urge every United Methodist in every Annual Conference to participate in stopping this cycle in 2020.

To stop the cycle means teaching and preaching about the God who is beyond gender. We commend the free curricula offered by the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW): "God of the Bible" and "Women Called to Ministry."

We United Methodists have statements in both the Social Principles and the Book of Resolutions that have passed by a majority vote at General Conference. Our inability to achieve equality in our Constitution is a sign that these resolutions have not been fully incorporated into our denomination. We therefore challenge people to study, internalize, and act according to “Every Barrier Down: Toward Full Embrace of All Women in Church and Society” (2016 Book of Resolutions, ¶3442). This includes listening to women, especially women of color; refusing to tolerate sexual violence, harassment, or abuse; engaging women in shaping and teaching church doctrine; and evaluating progress in each context of dismantling institutional sexism.

We, the people called Methodist, continue on toward perfection. In this difficult journey, we trust what John Wesley has proclaimed: “best of all, God is with us.” May it always be so.

(This letter was written by United Methodist Young Clergywomen, a subgroup of Young Clergywomen International who are provisional and ordained United Methodist clergy under 40. United Methodist clergywomen of all ages and ministries are invited to sign with their name and Annual Conference.)

In Christ’s love,
Rev. Allie Scott Wisconsin
Rev. Janessa Chastain Desert Southwest
Rev. Dr. Emily Peck-McClain New York
Rev. Diane M. Kenaston West Virginia
Rev. Shannon Sullivan Baltimore-Washington

Rev. Dr. Karen N. Evans Alabama-West Florida
Rev. Jean Tippit Alabama-West Florida
Rev. Pam Barnhardt Alabama-West Florida
Pastor Bailey Brawner Alaska Missionary
Pastor Teresa Whetsel Arkansas
Rev Jackie Gregory Arkansas
Rev Melanie Tubbs Arkansas
Rev. Alicia Finch-McCastlain Arkansas
Rev. Bonda Deere Moyer Arkansas
Rev. Brittany Richardson Watson Arkansas
Rev. Corey Read Arkansas
Rev. Donna Hankins Arkansas
Rev. Dr. Candace Barron Arkansas
Rev. I. Beth Perdue Arkansas
Rev. J.J. Whitney Arkansas
Rev. Jana Green Arkansas
Rev. Jeanne Williams Arkansas
Rev. Jennie Williams Arkansas
Rev. Judy Rudd Arkansas
Rev. Kathleen McMurray Arkansas
Rev. Lauren DeLano Arkansas
Rev. Lu Harding Arkansas
Rev. Lynn Kilbourne Arkansas
Rev. Martha S. Taylor Arkansas
Rev. Maxine Allen Arkansas
Rev. Patti Butler Arkansas
Rev. Regina Gideon Arkansas
Rev. Sara Bayles Arkansas
Rev. Terry Chapman Arkansas
The Rev. Pamela Jean Estes Arkansas
Rev Dr. Jalene C. Chase Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Kathryn B. Moore Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Kathryn T. Woodrow Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Margaret H. Click Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Kathleen Kohl Baltimore-Washington
Rev Dr Laura Blauvelt Easto Baltimore-Washington
Rev Dr Roberta Scoville Baltimore-Washington
Rev Michelle Mejia Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Alice Ford Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Angela Flanagan Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Beth Hutton Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Bonnie McCubbin Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Bonnie Scott Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Carol Moore Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Charlotte Hendee Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Debbie Scott Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dottie Yunger Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr Jody Robinson Jessup Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Anne Ross Stewart Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Cynthia B. Belt Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Diana L Hynson Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Gayle Annis-Forder Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Jeannie Marsh Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Kathleen F. Cheyney Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Laura Lee C Morgan Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Lena Marie Dennis Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Marianne Sickles Grabowski Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Dr. Sue Shorb-Sterling Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Elizabeth LeMaster Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Elizabeth Richards Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Joan E. Carter-Rimbach Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Julie Wilson Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Kate Mackereth Fulton Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Katie O'Hern Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Laura Norvell Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Linda J. Coveleskie Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Lisa M. Bandel Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Mandy Sayers Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Margaret Clemons Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Melissa McDade Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Nancy J. Webb Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Nicole Houston Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Patricia Abell Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Stephanie Vader Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Tiffany Patterson Baltimore-Washington
Rev. Victoria Starnes Baltimore-Washington
Rev. YuJung Hwang Baltimore-Washington
Rev.Dr. Mary Kay Totty Baltimore-Washington
The Rev. Dr. Mary E. Kraus Baltimore-Washington
The Rev. Katherine A. Heflin Baltimore-Washington
The Reverend Mamie Alethia Williams Baltimore-Washington
Pastor Sandra Blanca Khemlani Bicol Philippines Annual Conference
Dcn. Alyss M. Swanson California-Nevada
Rev Dawn Blundell California-Nevada
Rev. Chelsea Constant California-Nevada
Rev. Dr. Janet S Everhart California-Nevada
Rev. Elizabeth Brick California-Nevada
Rev. Elizabeth Cademartori California-Nevada
Rev. Karen Stoffers-Pugh California-Nevada
Rev. Linda Loessberg-Zahl California-Nevada
Rev. Motoe Yamada Foor California-Nevada
Rev. Robin Wells California-Nevada
Rev. Sadie Stone California-Nevada
The Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee California-Nevada
Pastor Bridie C. Roberts California-Pacific
Rev. A. Paige Eaves California-Pacific
Rev. Catie Coots California-Pacific
Rev. Chelsea Simon California-Pacific
Rev. Cynthia Huskey California-Pacific
Rev. Darin Arntson California-Pacific
Rev. Debbie Sperry California-Pacific
Rev. Dr. Anna Crews Camphouse California-Pacific
Rev. Erika Gara California-Pacific
Rev. Erin Maddox McPhee California-Pacific
Rev. Fran Cooper Materra California-Pacific
Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen California-Pacific
Rev. Jennifer Gutierrez California-Pacific
Rev. Judy Shook California-Pacific
Rev. Julie Brewster Elkins California-Pacific
Rev. Lucinda Arntson California-Pacific
Rev. Mandy Sloan McDow California-Pacific
Rev. Mary Kay Will California-Pacific
Rev. Molly Vetter California-Pacific
Rev. Rachel Tabutol California-Pacific
Rev. Sandie Richards California-Pacific
Rev. Sarah Heath California-Pacific
Rev. Sheena Trotter-Dennis California-Pacific
Rev. Sunyoung Lee California-Pacific
Rev Nancy A Woods Central Texas
Rev Nancy Froman Central Texas
Rev. Beverly Tye Central Texas
Rev. Brenda Adkins Central Texas
Rev. Cathy L. Mordecai Central Texas
Rev. DeAndrea Dare Central Texas
Rev. Donna Ware Central Texas
Rev. Dr. Alfie Wines, PhD Central Texas
Rev. Erin Sloan Jackson Central Texas
Rev. Estee Valendy Central Texas
Rev. Ginger Watson Central Texas
Rev. Glenda Whitehead Central Texas
Rev. Jane Woodward Central Texas
Rev. Jennifer Stephens Central Texas
Rev. Jo V. Ponder Central Texas
Rev. Joy Dister-Dominguez Central Texas
Rev. Judy Stander Sands Central Texas
Rev. Kaiya Kershaw Central Texas
Rev. Karen Greenwaldt Central Texas
Rev. Karen Samford Central Texas
Rev. Laraine Waughtal (serving Louisiana) Central Texas
Rev. Linda McDermott Central Texas
Rev. Marilyn Jones Central Texas
Rev. Marilyn Schiffman Central Texas
Rev. Meg Witmer-Faile Central Texas
Rev. Melissa Turkett Central Texas
Rev. Molly Simpson Hayes Central Texas
Rev. Rachel Heyduck Central Texas
Rev. Sally A. Fleming Central Texas
Rev. Sharon Daniel Robertson   Central Texas
Rev. Theresa Benedicto Central Texas
Rev. Tiffany Blubaugh Danna Central Texas
Rev. Virginia O. (Ginger) Bassford, PhD Central Texas
The Rev. Elizabeth Kugel-Whetstone Central Texas
Rev. Autumn Krueger (serving in Alaska) Dakotas
Rev. Holly Sortland Dakotas
Rev. Janice Antrim Dakotas
Rev. Jen Anderson Dakotas
Rev. Jen Tyler Dakotas
Rev. Jenny Hallenbeck Orr Dakotas
Rev. Katie Ricke Dakotas
Rev. Martha Brandt Dakotas
Rev. Melissa Gall Dakotas
Rev. Nicole Anderson Dakotas
Rev. Peggy Hanson Dakotas
Rev. Quaya Ackerman Dakotas
Rev. Sara McManus Dakotas
Rev. Valerie Hummel LaBounty Dakotas
Rev Jennifer Lambert Desert Southwest
Rev Sandy Johnson Desert Southwest
Rev Tweedy Navarrete Desert Southwest
Rev.  Sharon Ragland Desert Southwest
Rev. Beverly Worden Devine Desert Southwest
Rev. Carmen M. Gaud Desert Southwest
Rev. Cynthia Kristopeit Desert Southwest
Rev. Dot Saunders-Perez Desert Southwest
Rev. Dr. Candace J. Lansberry Desert Southwest
Rev. Dr. Dottie Escobedo-Frank Desert Southwest
Rev. Dr. Kristin D. Hansen Desert Southwest
Rev. Elizabeth Rambikur Desert Southwest
Rev. Katherine Tang Desert Southwest
Rev. Mary Bullis Desert Southwest
Rev. Mary Klaehn Desert Southwest
Rev. Melissa Rynders Desert Southwest
Rev. Meridith Grandy-Jones Desert Southwest
Rev. Misty Howick Desert Southwest
Rev. Sarai Case Desert Southwest
Rev. Amy Mayo-Moyle Detroit
Rev. Annelissa Gray-Lion Detroit
Rev. April McGlothin-Eller Detroit
Rev. Carol Blair Bouse Detroit
Rev. Caroline Hart Detroit
Rev. Christina Miller-Black Detroit
Rev. Elise Low Edwardson Detroit
Rev. Katie Waggoner Detroit
Rev. Laura Speiran Detroit
The Rev. Dr. Kristen Leslie Detroit
Pastor Honey Lyn Baguio Ono East Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference
Pastor Michelle Lucarelli East Ohio
Pastor Pat Schneider East Ohio
Pastor Samara Jenkins East Ohio
Rev Kristen Patt East Ohio
Rev. Abby Auman East Ohio
Rev. Allison LeBrun East Ohio
Rev. Amy Price East Ohio
Rev. Annette L. Dimond East Ohio
Rev. Carrie Antczak East Ohio
Rev. Cynthia E. Theobald East Ohio
Rev. Dr. Tamara Francis Wilden East Ohio
Rev. Heidi Welch East Ohio
Rev. Laura Sue White East Ohio
Rev. Linda McCowen East Ohio
Rev. Lori Burdette-Steele East Ohio
Rev. Nancy S Manner East Ohio
Rev. Nancy S.Hull East Ohio
Rev. Pamela Selzer Monteith East Ohio
Rev. Rebecca Innerst East Ohio
Rev. Robin D. Dillon East Ohio
Rev. Shannon V. Trenton East Ohio
Rev. Sheryl E. Seitz East Ohio
The Rev. Dianne Tobey Covault East Ohio
Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Deborah Gildart-Hanks Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Debra Neild Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Donna DiMeo - Hammell Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Dr. Deborah Appler Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Joanne Miles Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Karen Bartkowski Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Lydia E Muñoz Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Mary Catherine Miller Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Michelle Beissel Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Monica Guepet Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Suzanne Wenonah Duchesne Eastern Pennsylvania
Anne Burkholder Florida
Rev. Beth Bostrom Florida
Rev. Daphne Johnson Florida
Rev. Dawn S. Liphart Florida
Rev. Debbie Daley-Salinger Florida
Rev. Dr. Arlinda Burks Florida
Rev. Dr. Pamela Hall Florida
Rev. E. Tracy Hunter Florida
Rev. Esther Robinson Florida
Rev. Jennifer Potter Buff Florida
Rev. Juana Jordan Florida
Rev. Mary Lee Downey Florida
Rev. Melissa Cooper Florida
Rev. Melissa M. Stump Florida
Rev. Melissa Pisco Florida
Rev. Peytyn Tobin Florida
Rev. Rachel DeLaune Florida
Rev. Robin Hager Florida
Rev. Samantha Cowan Florida
Rev. Sarah B. Miller Florida
Rev. Teresa L. MacBain Florida
Rev. Tiffany McCall Florida
Rev Dr Nancy Tomlinson Great Plains
Rev. Amanda Baker Great Plains
Rev. Ann Hunt Great Plains
Rev. Ashley Prescott Barlow-Thompson Great Plains
Rev. Billie Blair Great Plains
Rev. Carol Windrum Great Plains
Rev. Chris Jorgensen Great Plains
Rev. Gayla Rapp Great Plains
Rev. Gina Gile Great Plains
Rev. Kara Eidson Great Plains
Rev. Kathy Noble Great Plains
Rev. Kim C. Smith Great Plains
Rev. Lora Andrews Great Plains
Rev. Marjorie Cox Great Plains
Rev. Marta Wheeler Great Plains
Rev. Melissa Collier Gepford Great Plains
Rev. Nancy J. H. Phillips Great Plains
Rev. Sherry J. Sklenar Great Plains
Rev. Stephanie Ahlschwede Great Plains
Rev. Susanna Weslie Southard Great Plains
Chaplain Boram Lim Greater New Jersey
Mrs Deb Walling Greater New Jersey
Rev Diane Pacione Greater New Jersey
Rev Jessica Campbell Greater New Jersey
Rev. Alison V. Philip Greater New Jersey
Rev. Amanda Rohrs Greater New Jersey
Rev. Barbara J Hoffman Greater New Jersey
Rev. Bobbie Rambach Greater New Jersey
Rev. Christine Day Greater New Jersey
Rev. Constance Squire Greater New Jersey
Rev. Cyndi Stouffer Greater New Jersey
Rev. Dawn Maffetone Greater New Jersey
Rev. Dawn R. Corlew Greater New Jersey
Rev. Deb De Vos Greater New Jersey
Rev. Dr. Eunice Vega-Perez Greater New Jersey
Rev. Dr. Veronica Palmer Greater New Jersey
Rev. Fran Lawrie Noll Greater New Jersey
Rev. Gabrielle Martone Greater New Jersey
Rev. Hazel Thomas Shue Greater New Jersey
Rev. Heather Valosin Greater New Jersey
Rev. Jacqueline Burgess Greater New Jersey
Rev. Jeanette M. Block Greater New Jersey
Rev. Jennifer Russell Lovallo Greater New Jersey
Rev. Jessica Brendler Naulty Greater New Jersey
Rev. Kaleigh Corbett Greater New Jersey
Rev. Kate Hillis Greater New Jersey
Rev. Kathleen A. Stolz Greater New Jersey
Rev. Kay Dubuisson Greater New Jersey
Rev. Laura Steele Greater New Jersey
Rev. Ninabeth Metcalf Greater New Jersey
Rev. Pat Bruger Greater New Jersey
Rev. Regina Albert Greater New Jersey
Rev. Rina Terry Greater New Jersey
Rev. Robyne Mayer Greater New Jersey
Rev. SandraLee Stenstrom Greater New Jersey
Rev. Sarah Grant Greater New Jersey
Rev. Tanya Linn Bennett Greater New Jersey
Rev. Virginia Samuel Cetuk Greater New Jersey
Reverend Allyson J. Estes Greater New Jersey
Rev Nancy Hobbs Holston
Rev Peggy L Meade Holston
Rev. Annette Flynn Holston
Rev. Asa Majors Holston
Rev. Barbara Clark Holston
Rev. Betzy Elifrits Warren Holston
Rev. Carole Martin Holston
Rev. Diana Brown Taylor, LCSW Holston
Rev. Dr. Dawn Chesser Holston
Rev. Jane Petitt Holston
Rev. Jodie Ihfe Holston
Rev. Laura E. Trent Holston
Rev. Nicole Krewson Holston
Rev. Palmer Cantler Holston
Rev. Shannon Marie L. Berry Holston
Rev. Stella Roberts Holston
April Patek Illinois Great Rivers
Pastor Jill Bunker Illinois Great Rivers
Pastor Karen L Martin Galva Illinois Great Rivers
Rev Debby Rhodes Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Anita Munden Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Carolyn Carnes Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Cindy Jones Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Danyelle Trexler Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Erin Totten Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Jessica Baldyga Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Judy Vidakovich Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Julie Dowler Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Julie Smith Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Kathy Bueker Sweet Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Lauren M. Padgett Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Linda A. Richard Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Linda Vonck Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Mary Brady Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Miranda Dinges Illinois Great Rivers
Rev. Sharon Treptow Illinois Great Rivers
I support my sister clergy. Indiana
Pastor Ellaine Hussung Indiana
Pastor Mandie Gould Willoughby Indiana
Rev Jackie Chandler Indiana
Rev Janice Dimick Indiana
Rev Mary van Wijk Indiana
Rev. Amber Karkosky-Litten Indiana
Rev. Barb Marshall Indiana
Rev. Barbara S. Lloyd Indiana
Rev. C.Anne Girton Kumeh   Indiana
Rev. Candyce Kaiser Indiana
Rev. Crystal Jacobson Indiana
Rev. Cynthia Wood Indiana
Rev. Dr. Cyndi Alte Indiana
Rev. Dr. Tamara K. Gieselman Indiana
Rev. Elizabeth Gilbert Indiana
Rev. Jen S. Gibbs Indiana
Rev. Jennifer Huff Indiana
Rev. Jill Howard Indiana
Rev. Jill Wright Indiana
Rev. Lisa Schubert Nowling Indiana
Rev. Lois Rogers-Watson (Associate-Florida) Indiana
Rev. Lynn Renne Indiana
Rev. Mary Ann Moman Indiana
Rev. Mary Beth Byrne (serving in Wisconsin) Indiana
Rev. Mary Dicken (serving Tennessee) Indiana
Rev. Mary Wilder Cartwright Indiana
Rev. Nancy Nichols Indiana Indiana
Rev. Shelley Dodson Indiana
Rev. Stacee Fischer Gehring Indiana
Rev. Teri Crouse, JD Indiana
Deacon Diane Wasson Eberhart Iowa
Pastor Joyce Proctor Iowa
Rev Angela Gafford Asmus Iowa
Rev Arnette Pint Iowa
Rev Dr Sarah Rohret Iowa
Rev Heather S Dorr Iowa
Rev. Alex K. Bruening Iowa
Rev. Anna Blaedel Iowa
Rev. Barb Dinnen Iowa
Rev. Bethany Willers Iowa
Rev. Beverly Marshall-Goodell Iowa
Rev. Cindy Hickman Iowa
Rev. Deb Parkison Iowa
Rev. Deborah Coble Iowa
Rev. Dr. Alecia R. HIlmer Iowa
Rev. Dr. Enna Antunez Iowa
Rev. Dr. Jill Sanders Iowa
Rev. Dr. Mary Lautzenhiser Bellon Iowa
Rev. Elizabeth Bell Iowa
Rev. Jen Hibben Iowa
Rev. Jodi Rushing Iowa
Rev. Judy Wadding Iowa
Rev. Katie Z. Dawson, Iowa
Rev. Kay Hooper Iowa
Rev. Kendy Miller Iowa
Rev. Lee A Schott Iowa
Rev. Linda M. Butler Iowa
Rev. Mara Bailey Iowa
Rev. Mary K. Green Iowa
Rev. Medea A. Saunders Iowa
Rev. Melissa Drake Iowa
Rev. Sarah Karber Iowa
Rev. Terra Amundson Iowa
Rev. Amy Call Kentucky
Rev. Audrey Myers Kentucky
Rev. Donna Aros Kentucky
Rev. Dr. Donna T. Morton Kentucky
Rev. Karen T. Kluever Kentucky
Rev. Lisa H May Kentucky
Rev. Mary Lou Stephens Kentucky
Rev. Rachel Scott Marshall Kentucky
Rev. Sylvia A. Baker-Noren Kentucky
Rev. Ali Young Louisiana
Rev. Allison Sauls Sikes Louisiana
Rev. Amanda Price Louisiana
Rev. Angela Cooley Bulhof Louisiana
Rev. AnnaKate Rawles Louisiana
Rev. Barbara S. Duke Louisiana
Rev. Becky Conner Louisiana
Rev. Clair Carter Louisiana
Rev. Colleen Bookter Louisiana
Rev. Dr. Ellen Blue Louisiana
Rev. Dr. M. Theresa McConnell Louisiana
Rev. H. Elizabeth Love Tu'uta Louisiana
Rev. Joy L. Comeaux Louisiana
Rev. Julia Puac-Romero Louisiana
Rev. Kathy C. Fitzhugh Louisiana
Rev. Lane Cotton Winn Louisiana
Rev. Lisa Fitzpatrick Louisiana
Rev. Nancy Wofford Louisiana
Rev. Sarah Williams Shoup Louisiana
Rev. Tiffanie Lyon Louisiana
Rev. Tracy L MacKenzie Louisiana
Rev. Dr. Birgitte T. French Memphis
Rev. Sara K. Corum Memphis
Rev. Karen Sorden Michigan
Rev. Kim DeLong Michigan
Rev. Linda Farmer-Lewis Michigan
Rev. Michelle Forsyth Michigan
Abigail Ozanne Minnesota
Pastor Linda McCollough Minnesota
Rev Elizabeth Macaulay Minnesota
Rev. Bethany Nelson Minnesota
Rev. Carrie Binnie Minnesota
Rev. Dr. Donna Dempewolf Minnesota
Rev. Dr. Linda J. Gesling Minnesota
Rev. Erica Koser Minnesota
Rev. Gail M. Alexander Minnesota
Rev. Heather E. Klason Minnesota
Rev. Janiece Redman Minnesota
Rev. Jean Elliott Minnesota
Rev. Joyce M Slostad Minnesota
Rev. Judy Zabel Minnesota
Rev. Karen Bruins Minnesota
Rev. Kathi Austin Mahle Minnesota
Rev. Leigh Brown (Serving in Iowa) Minnesota
Rev. Linda Koelman Minnesota
Rev. Lois A. Burkart Minnesota
Rev. Mariah Furness Tollgaard Minnesota
Rev. Marianne Ozanne Minnesota
Rev. Marilyn Hegert Evans Minnesota
Rev. Marylee Fithian Minnesota
Rev. Melanie Homan Minnesota
Rev. Michelle Hargrave Minnesota
Rev. Sally Howell Johnson Minnesota
Rev. Victoria Rebeck Minnesota
Rev. Elizabeth Henry Mississippi
Rev. Haley Jones Mississippi
Rev. Lisa A. Pridmore Mississippi
Rev. Mickelle K Bailey Mississippi
Lora Cunningham Missouri
Pastor Margie Briggs Missouri
Pastor Wanda S. Heidemann Missouri
Rev Diane Nunnelee Missouri
Rev Peggy LW Jeffries Missouri
Rev. Alecia Fischer Missouri
Rev. Amanda Ross Missouri
Rev. Barbara Bowser Missouri
Rev. Barbara J. Phifer Missouri
Rev. Beth Elders Missouri
Rev. Chelsey D. Hillyer Missouri
Rev. Cheryl Flaim Missouri
Rev. Christine Tucker-Key Missouri
Rev. Crystal Karr Missouri
Rev. Donna Clark Fuller Missouri
Rev. Emily L. Stirewalt Missouri
Rev. Jennifer Finley Missouri
Rev. Judy R. Voss Missouri
Rev. Karen Hayden Missouri
Rev. Karen Tutak Missouri
Rev. Katrina Drew Missouri
Rev. Kelli A. Braggs Missouri
Rev. Kim Jenne Missouri
Rev. Laura Patterson (serving in North Georgia) Missouri
Rev. Linda Wansing Missouri
Rev. Lori Lampert Missouri
Rev. Maggie Gann Missouri
Rev. Mary F. Harvey Missouri
Rev. Melissa Bailey-Kirk Missouri
Rev. Paula Brookshier Missouri
Rev. Rebecca Dunger Peak Missouri
Rev. Rebecca Mulford Missouri
Rev. Stacie Williams Missouri
Rev. Susan Cox Missouri
Rev. Susan E Sneed Missouri
Rev. Susan Marner-Sides Missouri
Rev. Tish Green Missouri
Rev. Trista Soendker Nicholson Missouri
Rev. Wendy D. Minshall Missouri
Reverend Linda C. Pagel Missouri
Sally Haynes Missouri
Rev. Kathy Young Mountain Sky
Pastor Alexx Wood New England
Pastor Gayle Holden New England
Pastor Mimi Magee New England
Rev Anne Torrance-Bachmann New England
Rev Ruth Oduor New England
Rev. Annie Baker-Streevy New England
Rev. Barbara Kszystyniak New England
Rev. Barbara Lemmel New England
Rev. Becca Girrell New England
Rev. Caroline Elizabeth Bass New England
Rev. Deborah Shipp New England
Rev. Desi Larson New England
Rev. Dr. Hope N. Luckie New England
Rev. Dr. Susan M. Heafield     New England
Rev. Dr. Victoria Wood Parrish New England
Rev. Judith A. Gould New England
Rev. Karen L Peters New England
Rev. Kim E. Kie New England
Rev. Kristin L. White New England
Rev. Megan Stowe New England
Rev. Paula J. Fletcher New England
Rev. Sharon Miesel New England
Rev. Stacey Gould Lanier New England
Rev. Wendy Monson Alley, J.D. New England
The Rev Dr Helen R Neinast New Mexico
Adrienne Brewington New York
Rev Elizabeth Jones New York
Rev. Carol Bloom New York
Rev. Dr. Darlene E.R. Resling New York
Rev. Dr. Jessica L. Anschutz New York
Rev. Dr. Linda Lee Stein New York
Rev. Jennifer Berry New York
Rev. Karen Eiler New York
Rev. Kathleen Reynolds New York
Rev. Lea A. Matthews New York
Rev. Martha E. Vink New York
Rev. Martha Epstein New York
Rev. Melissa Hinnen New York
Rev. Peggy Fabrizio New York
Rev. Roslyn Lee New York
Rev. Sheila M. Beckford New York
Rev. Sherry Driscoll New York
Rev. Sung Moy New York
Rev. Susan Chupungco New York
Rev. Vicki Flippin New York
Rev. Vicky A. Fleming New York
Rev Eunice M Iliya Nigeria
Rev. Amy Parsons Vaughn North Alabama
Rev. Malinda Weaver North Alabama
Rev. Melissa Self Patrick North Alabama
Rev Nanette C de Andrade North Carolina
Rev. Anita Noble Taylor North Carolina
Rev. Christina Turner North Carolina
Rev. Claire Clyburn North Carolina
Rev. Debbie Matthis North Carolina
Rev. Dr. Anne Walker Sims North Carolina
Rev. Dr. Meredith Hoxie Schol North Carolina
Rev. Ellen McCubbin North Carolina
Rev. Gina Head Barrow North Carolina
Rev. Jodi Gonzalez North Carolina
Rev. Kellie Gallagher North Carolina
Rev. Kristen D Williams North Carolina
Rev. Kristen Hanna North Carolina
Rev. Laura Fine Ledford North Carolina
Rev. Laura Hayes Mitchell North Carolina
Rev. Laurie Hays Coffman North Carolina
Rev. Lindsey G. Eklund (serving PNW) North Carolina
Rev. Melinda Ivey North Carolina
Rev. Monica Beacham North Carolina
Rev. Diana H. P. Roberts North Georgia
Rev. Dr. Katy Hinman North Georgia
Rev. Dr. Sondra R.Jones North Georgia
Rev. Dr. Tara Paul North Georgia
Rev. Elaine Puckett North Georgia
Rev. Janet Lutz North Georgia
Rev. Joy Rikard Brown North Georgia
Rev. Kate Floyd (serving Virginia) North Georgia
Rev. Kathy Brockman North Georgia
Rev. Laura Rappold North Georgia
Rev. Liza T. Marler North Georgia
Rev. Lori Osborn North Georgia
Rev. Melanie Stanley-Soulen North Georgia
Rev. Melissa Mobley North Georgia
The Rev Dr Beth LaRocca-Pitts North Georgia
Cheryel Lemley-McRoy North Texas
Rev. Ann Barton North Texas
Rev. Dr. Georjean Blanton North Texas
Rev. Dr. Sarah Heaner Lancaster North Texas
Rev. Kathy McLean-Davis North Texas
Rev. Leslie Herrscher North Texas
Rev. Susan Robb.   North Texas
Rev. Valarie Englert North Texas
Rev Avani Christian Northern Illinois
Rev Avani Christian Northern Illinois
Rev Jackie Wills Northern Illinois
Rev Judith Sherk Northern Illinois
Rev Lisa Telomen Northern Illinois
Rev. Adrienne Trevathan Northern Illinois
Rev. Beth Galbreath Northern Illinois
Rev. Betty Jo Birkhahn-Rommelfanger Northern Illinois
Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan Northern Illinois
Rev. Caitlyn Butler Northern Illinois
Rev. Dr. Katherine Thomas Paisley Northern Illinois
Rev. Dr. Mrgan A. Smick Northern Illinois
Rev. Elizabeth Bowes Northern Illinois
Rev. Glenna L. Olumstad Northern Illinois
Rev. Grace Imathiu Northern Illinois
Rev. Juyeon Jeon Northern Illinois
Rev. Kathleen R. Voigt Northern Illinois
Rev. Kathy Wellman Northern Illinois
Rev. Krista Paradiso Northern Illinois
Rev. Linny Hartzell Northern Illinois
Rev. Lois McCullen Parr Northern Illinois
Rev. Lori Bee Northern Illinois
Rev. Louise Mahan Northern Illinois
Rev. Margaret Ann Crain Northern Illinois
Rev. Megan A. Dean Northern Illinois
Rev. Megan Thompson Northern Illinois
Rev. Melissa Meyers Northern Illinois
Rev. Paula Cripps-Vallejo Northern Illinois
Rev. Sherrie Lowly Northern Illinois
Rev. Sherry Steele Northern Illinois
Rev. Sophia Hyon Northern Illinois
Rev. Tammy Scott Northern Illinois
Rev. Wendy Ann Witt Northern Illinois
Rosa YS Lee Northern Illinois
Rev. Rona Mangayayam Northwest Philippines
Rev Felicia P Hopkins Northwest Texas
Rev. Amy Wilson Feltz Northwest Texas
Rev. Dixie L. Robertson Northwest Texas
Pastor Laura G. Glover Oklahoma
Rev Carole Minter Oklahoma
Rev Felecia Hensley Oklahoma
Rev Linda Muterspaugh Oklahoma
Rev. Anne Clement Oklahoma
Rev. April Coates Oklahoma
Rev. Carolyn Murrow Oklahoma
Rev. Deborah Ingraham Oklahoma
Rev. Desi Sharp Oklahoma
Rev. Dr. Carol Cook Moore Oklahoma
Rev. Dr. Jennifer Long Oklahoma
Rev. Dr. Leslie Long Oklahoma
Rev. Jan Fletcher Oklahoma
Rev. Kathy Brown Oklahoma
Rev. Linda K Morgan Clark Oklahoma
Rev. Linda Lusnia (serving PNW) Oklahoma
Rev. Marla Lobo Oklahoma
Rev. Shannon Rodenberg Oklahoma
Pastor Debbie Coutts Oregon-Idaho
Pastor Deena Wolfe Oregon-Idaho
Pastor Gigi Siekkinen Oregon-Idaho
Rev Ardis Letey Oregon-Idaho
Rev Christina Thompson Oregon-Idaho
Rev Christina Thompson Oregon-Idaho
Rev Rebecca Farrester Wieringa Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Alyssa Baker Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Anna Cho Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Anna Eckelbarger Salas Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Barbara Nixon Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Bonnie Parr Philipson Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Brenda Sene Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Danna Drum Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Debbie Pitney Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Dr. Catherine Davis Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Dr. Patty Meyers Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Gay Jeffery Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Jane Shaffer Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Jenny Willison Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Jill Plant Oregon-Idaho
Rev. June Fothergill Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Karen Hernandez Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Kathy Leonard Raines Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Laura Ann Beville Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Laura Jaquith Bartlett Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Lisa Jean Hoefner Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Rebecca Patterson Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Roberta J. Egli Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Roberta Thomas Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Ruth Marsh Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Susan Boegli Oregon-Idaho
Rev. Wendy Joy Woodworth Oregon-Idaho
Reverend Brenda S Wills Oregon-Idaho
The Rev. Gwen Drake Oregon-Idaho
Genevieve Clark Pacific Northwest
Kathy Neary Pacific Northwest
Pastor Vonda McFadden Pacific Northwest
Rev Carolyn Peterson Pacific Northwest
Rev Heather Riggs Pacific Northwest
Rev Jennifer Stuart Pacific Northwest
Rev Juli Reinholz Pacific Northwest
Rev Julia M Price Pacific Northwest
Rev Pamela Osborne Pacific Northwest
Rev. Alissa Bertsch Pacific Northwest
Rev. Dr. Denise McGuiness Pacific Northwest
Rev. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown Pacific Northwest
Rev. Dr. Lyda Pierce Pacific Northwest
Rev. Dr. Monica Corsaro Pacific Northwest
Rev. Elizabeth Ingram Schindler Pacific Northwest
Rev. Heather Seman Pacific Northwest
Rev. Janelle Kurtz Pacific Northwest
Rev. Jennifer Partch Pacific Northwest
Rev. Jenny Phillips Pacific Northwest
Rev. Jenny Smith Pacific Northwest
Rev. Jo Dene Romeijn-Stout Pacific Northwest
Rev. K. Ellison-Oslin Pacific Northwest
Rev. Karla Fredericksen Pacific Northwest
Rev. Kathleen Weber Pacific Northwest
Rev. Katie Klosterman Pacific Northwest
Rev. Katy Shedlock Pacific Northwest
Rev. Kay C Barckley Pacific Northwest
Rev. Lara Bolger Pacific Northwest
Rev. Mary Petrina Boyd Pacific Northwest
Rev. Nancy Kay Yount Pacific Northwest
Rev. Patricia Simpson Pacific Northwest
Rev. Ruth Marston-Bihl Pacific Northwest
Rev. Sandy Ward Pacific Northwest
Rev. Susan Griggs Pacific Northwest
Rev. Wendy J Riddle Pacific Northwest
The Rev. Debra L. Conklin Pacific Northwest
The Rev. Dr. Carol Mariano Pacific Northwest
Rev. Dr. Carmen C. Manalac-Scheuerman Pampango Philippines Annual Conference
Pastor Chelsea Spyres Peninsula-Delaware
Rev. Amor Woolsey Peninsula-Delaware
Rev. Anne Pruett-Barnett Peninsula-Delaware
Rev. Dr. Vicki Gordy-Stith, DCM Peninsula-Delaware
Pastor Carleen Nomorosa Quezon City Philippines Annual Conference East
Pastor Patti Herndon Rio Texas
Rev Judith Baskin Rio Texas
Rev Kelly Shoenfelt Rio Texas
Rev. Abigail Parker Herrera Rio Texas
Rev. Amelia Beasley Rio Texas
Rev. Barbara Aziz Rio Texas
Rev. Beth P. Tatum Rio Texas
Rev. Bethany Graham Rio Texas
Rev. Cathy Stone Rio Texas
Rev. Cheryl Broome Rio Texas
Rev. Cynthia Kepler-Karrer Rio Texas
Rev. Darlene Boaz Rio Texas
Rev. Dawn Baird Rio Texas
Rev. Elizabeth Kevilus Rio Texas
Rev. Elizabeth R. Wright Rio Texas
Rev. Ella Luna-Garza Rio Texas
Rev. Jeannie Whitehurst Rio Texas
Rev. Kristie A. Crisp Rio Texas
Rev. Leah Wilson King Rio Texas
Rev. Liliana Padilla Rio Texas
Rev. Linda Smith Rio Texas
Rev. Lisa M. Straus Rio Texas
Rev. Michele M. Lott Rio Texas
Rev. Nancy Mossman Rio Texas
Rev. Sue Wells Rio Texas
Rev. Valerie Nagel Vogt Rio Texas
Rev. Ann Steiner Lantz Rocky Mountain
Rev. Debria Upton Rocky Mountain
Rev. Dr. Cathie Kelsey Rocky Mountain
Rev. Emily Flemming Rocky Mountain
Rev. Margaret Roe Rocky Mountain
Rev. Mariah Hayden Rocky Mountain
Rev. Melissa Engel Rocky Mountain
Rev. Sarah Beck Rocky Mountain
Rev. Stephanie Kidwell Rocky Mountain
Rev Meg Sweeney Cook South Carolina
Rev. Adrienne Fink South Carolina
Rev. Carly Wicklund South Carolina
Rev. Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass South Carolina
Rev. Christine Matthews South Carolina
Rev. Debra Dowdle South Carolina
Rev. Elizabeth Murray South Carolina
Rev. Ellen Younker South Carolina
Rev. Evelyn Cook Middleton South Carolina
Rev. Heather Humphries South Carolina
Rev. Julie Belman South Carolina
Rev. Karen H.L. Jones South Carolina
Rev. Katherine Halsey Bostrom South Carolina
Rev. Katherine Haselden South Carolina
Rev. Laura-Allen Kerlin South Carolina
Rev. Mallory Forte South Carolina
Rev. Megan Gray South Carolina
Rev. Robin Griffeth South Carolina
Rev. Sharon L. Long South Carolina
Rev. Alaina Harrison South Georgia
Rev. Dr Ivelisse Quiñones South Georgia
Pastor Jackie Condon Susquehanna
Pastor Stephanie Rupert Susquehanna
Rev Mary F Dotson Susquehanna
Rev. Elizabeth Taylor Susquehanna
Rev. Jean Blackie Susquehanna
Rev. Karen L. Weiss Susquehanna
Rev. Kristen Wall-Love Susquehanna
Rev. M. Lynn Snyder Susquehanna
Rev. Robin Baer Susquehanna
Rev Dr Karen Barrineau Tennessee
Rev. Celia Finfrock Tennessee
Rev. Debra Tyree Tennessee
Rev. Dr. Phoebe A. Jowers Tennessee
Rev. Erin Racine Tennessee
Rev. Gracie Dugan Tennessee
Rev. Haley Robinson Tennessee
Rev. Mary Kate Myers, Tennessee
Rev. Nancy Speas Hill Tennessee
Rev. Shelby Slowey Tennessee
Rev. Sommer Worley Tennessee
Rev. Susan Groseclose Tennessee
Rev. Christie Hale Texas
Rev. Donna G Brown Texas
Rev. Ellen Willett Texas
Rev. Emily Chapman Texas
Rev. Glynden Bode Texas
Rev. Heather Velez Texas
Rev. Heidi Cain Texas
Rev. Ingrid Akers Texas
Rev. Katherine Walker Texas
Rev. Kelli Eldridge Texas
Rev. Kelly Sullivan Texas
Rev. Kimberly Poer Texas
Rev. Lindsay Smith Texas
Rev. Lisa Beth White Texas
Rev. Marilyn Meeker-Williams Texas
Rev. Mary Balagia Texas
Rev. Mary Magnusson Texas
Rev. Sadie Brink Texas
Rev. Sandra Londa Texas
Rev. Susan L. Buchanan Texas
Pastor Lynnette Cole Upper New York
Pastor Natalie Ora Bowerman Upper New York
Pastor Roselynn Kingsbury on the Onondaga Nation Upper New York
Rev Heidi Chamberlain Upper New York
Rev Margaret Scott Upper New York
Rev. Ann Blair Upper New York
Rev. Carmen L. Perry Upper New York
Rev. Colleen Hallagan Preuninger Upper New York
Rev. Corey Turnpenny Upper New York
Rev. Dana Carroll Upper New York
Rev. Dana Carroll Upper New York
Rev. Deborah O’Connor-Slater Upper New York
Rev. DeeAnne L. Lowman Upper New York
Rev. Denise M. Bowen Upper New York
Rev. Dr. Judith Johnson-Siebold Upper New York
Rev. Dr. Michelle Bogue-Trost Upper New York
Rev. Dr. Pamela J Harris Upper New York
Rev. Dr. Patricia Bush Upper New York
Rev. Dr. Robin Olson Upper New York
Rev. Eleanor Collinsworth Upper New York
Rev. Heather Williams Upper New York
Rev. Jan McClary Rowell Upper New York
Rev. Jane Sautter Upper New York
Rev. Joyce K. Allen Upper New York
Rev. Kim Krause Upper New York
Rev. Kimberly Ferrel Upper New York
Rev. Mary A. Kelly Upper New York
Rev. Meredith Vanderminden Upper New York
Rev. Patricia Olmstead Upper New York
Rev. Rachel Ann Morse Upper New York
Rev. Rebecca L. Laird Upper New York
Rev. Rebekah Solar Upper New York
Rev. Rebekah Sweet Upper New York
Rev. Richelle Goff Upper New York
Rev. Sara E. Baron Upper New York
Rev. Sharon Rankins-Burd Upper New York
Rev. Sheila Price Upper New York
Rev. Teressa McConnell Sivers Upper New York
Rev.Sonya(Sunny) Mauser Upper New York
The Rev. Beth O. Benham Upper New York
Rev Dr Sarah Calvert Virginia
Rev Melissa Fretwell Virginia
Rev Phyllis R. Earley Virginia
Rev Robin BeMiller Virginia
Rev Sandra Bottoms Virginia
Rev. Amy Beth Coleman Virginia
Rev. Amy Wolz Johnson Virginia
Rev. Christine Holly Virginia
Rev. Deborah Lewis Virginia
Rev. Dr. Celeste Heath Virginia
Rev. Dr. Jan Riverro Virginia
Rev. Dr. Karla M. Kincannon Virginia
Rev. F. Elizabeth Givens Virginia
Rev. Jennifer Day Virginia
Rev. Judy Loehr Virginia
Rev. Kristie Askew Virginia
Rev. Laura Stratton Virginia
Rev. Lauren C. Lobenhofer Virginia
Rev. Lisa Barbery Virginia
Rev. Lisa R. Blackmonson Virginia
Rev. Nancy Robinson Virginia
Rev. Patti Money Virginia
Rev. Ruth M. Burgess Virginia
Rev. Stephanie Parker Virginia
Rev. Dr. Christina Wright West Michigan
Rev. Dr. Karin Orr West Michigan
Rev. Mary L.B. Ivanov West Michigan
Rev Barb Sholis West Ohio
Rev Brooke Hilliard West Ohio
Rev Jennifer K Bailey West Ohio
Rev Kathleen Kisner West Ohio
Rev Teresa Wenrick - West Ohio West Ohio
Rev. Amy Aspey West Ohio
Rev. Andrea Curry West Ohio
Rev. Angie D. Sherer West Ohio
Rev. Anna Guillozet West Ohio
Rev. April Casperson West Ohio
Rev. Barbara Cooper West Ohio
Rev. Barbara Wiechel West Ohio
Rev. Barbara Wood Salyers West Ohio
Rev. Becky Piatt West Ohio
Rev. Becky Schofield Motter West Ohio
Rev. Casey Ann Irwin West Ohio
Rev. Deanna Stickley-Miner West Ohio
Rev. Debra L. Egloff West Ohio
Rev. Dr. Cathy Johns West Ohio
Rev. Dr. Deborah K. Stevens West Ohio
Rev. Dr. Jennifer Quigley West Ohio
Rev. Dr. Judy Guion-Utsler West Ohio
Rev. Dr. Julie Carmean West Ohio
Rev. Dr. Lori L. Reiber West Ohio
Rev. J. Paige Boyer West Ohio
Rev. Jennifer Casey West Ohio
Rev. Jennifer Leskovac Bass West Ohio
Rev. Jessica Stonecypher West Ohio
Rev. Karen Cook West Ohio
Rev. Karen Muntzing West Ohio
Rev. Katharine L. Steele West Ohio
Rev. Katharine Ray Schaefer West Ohio
Rev. Katie Smith West Ohio
Rev. Katie Wilson West Ohio
Rev. Katy Wheat Borhauer West Ohio
Rev. Laura Young West Ohio
Rev. Linda B. Troy West Ohio
Rev. Lorrin Radzik West Ohio
Rev. Marie Smith West Ohio
Rev. Marla Elifritz Brown West Ohio
Rev. Mary Kay West Ohio
Rev. Megan Croy West Ohio
Rev. Nancy Amos West Ohio
Rev. Nancy Day-Achauer West Ohio
Rev. Sandra Huber West Ohio
Rev. Sara McSwords West Ohio
Rev. Vera Welker West Ohio
Rev. Victoria C. Downing West Ohio
Pastor Cheryl George West Virginia
Pastor Heather Rogers, LP West Virginia
Rev Anne E Rex   West Virginia
Rev Paula Napier West Virginia
Rev. Amanda Gayle Reed (serving OR-ID) West Virginia
Rev. Angela Gay Kinkead West Virginia
Rev. Cindy Briggs-Biondi West Virginia
Rev. Claudia A Krebs Fizer West Virginia
Rev. Dina Andrews West Virginia
Rev. Dr. Heather Murray Elkins West Virginia
Rev. Erin Daniels West Virginia
Rev. Heather Moore West Virginia
Rev. Nancy White West Virginia
Rev. Sarah Allen West Virginia
Rev. Melissa White West Virginia
Rev Patience Brumley Western North Carolina
Rev. Amy Vaughan Western North Carolina
Rev. Andrea McCumber Western North Carolina
Rev. Ann Duncan Western North Carolina
Rev. Beth Glass Western North Carolina
Rev. Beverly E. Gaska Western North Carolina
Rev. Brenna Lakeson Western North Carolina
Rev. Carrilea Hall Western North Carolina
Rev. Carter Ellis Western North Carolina
Rev. Cynthia L. Arnold Western North Carolina
Rev. Denise Kilgo-Martin Western North Carolina
Rev. Dr. Amy Rio Western North Carolina
Rev. Kathy Randall Bryant Western North Carolina
Rev. Kristy H. Burnette Western North Carolina
Rev. Lauren Hill Western North Carolina
Rev. Mandy Jones Western North Carolina
Rev. Naomi King Western North Carolina
Rev. Shannon LeMaster-Smith Western North Carolina
Rev. Toni Ruth Smith Western North Carolina
Rev. Anais Hussian Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Dawn Lynn Check Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Dr. Cyndi Bloise Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Gretchen M Hulse Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Kelly Smith Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Ruth Lantz Simmons Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Sandra Marsh-McClain Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Stephanie Gottschalk Western Pennsylvania
Rev. Sue R. Hutchins Western Pennsylvania
Re. Janet Ellinger Wisconsin
Rev Julie Wilson Wisconsin
Rev. Breanna Illéné Wisconsin
Rev. Brenda Whitford Wisconsin
Rev. Carly Kuntz Wisconsin
Rev. Catherine Christman Wisconsin
Rev. Cathy Weigand Wisconsin
Rev. Cheryl Weaver Wisconsin
Rev. Cindy Thompson Wisconsin
Rev. Claire Mather Wisconsin
Rev. Debra Hastings Wisconsin
Rev. Dr. Amanda Stein Wisconsin
Rev. Dr. Ellen Williams-Masson Wisconsin
Rev. Dr. Kate Croskery Jones Wisconsin
Rev. Elizabeth Whitford Wisconsin
Rev. Ellen Rasmussen Wisconsin
Rev. Grace J. Baldridge Wisconsin
Rev. Heather L. Brewer Wisconsin
Rev. Jean Ehnert Nicholas Wisconsin
Rev. Jen Barnet Wisconsin
Rev. Jenny Arneson Wisconsin
Rev. Kelly R. Fowler Wisconsin
Rev. Kimberly Brumm Wisconsin
Rev. Lizzie Weed Wisconsin
Rev. Lucretia A. Fehrmann Wisconsin
Rev. Rebecca Henry Wisconsin
Rev. Sarah Hart Johnsen Wisconsin
Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook Wisconsin
Rev. Sue D’Alessio Wisconsin
Rev. Susan Angus Haller Wisconsin
Rev. Susan Bresser Wisconsin
Rev. Susan Leih Wisconsin
Rev. Tina S. Lang Wisconsin
Rev. Vicki Brantmeyer Wisconsin
Pastor Janet Mulroy Yellowstone
Rev. Dawn Maurer Skerritt Yellowstone
Rev. Karen Disney Yellowstone
Rev. Marianne Niesen Yellowstone
Rev. Wendy Ochs Yellowstone
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