Pack中途等家狗狗申請單 Foster Application Form

The number of animals we can save depends entirely on the number of people who open their homes and hearts to foster them.

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Home address 您所居住的區域(行政區域與街道名稱) *
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How many people in your household willing to help? 可以一起分擔狗狗照顧責任的家庭成員 *
Age range of household People? How many children and how old? 家庭成員的人數與年紀? *
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How Long Can you Foster? 您可以中途狗狗的時間 *
Do you currently have animals in the house? 目前家中是否有其他動物成員? *
Number and Age of Animals 家中其他寵物的數量與年紀 *
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Does your Landlord or families/roommates Allow dogs? 房東或所有家庭成員是否同意養狗? *
Have you ever fostered for another organization? 您有中途過狗狗的經驗嗎? *
How long per day do you think the animals will be alone without people? 狗狗一天會自己在家多久時間? *
Do you agree to help promote them for adoption in public and social media? 您是否同意幫狗狗拍攝生活記錄並在網路上張貼宣傳增加等家狗狗曝光率? *
What is your previous experience with dogs? 簡述您養狗的經驗 *
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Are you willing to interact with dog with positive reinforcement method? 您是否願意以不打不罵不施壓的方式與狗狗互動?
My house is able to foster... 我家適合中途 *
Thank you for filling out the form. Do you have anything else you would like to share? 有任何問題歡迎提出。
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