Survey on the use of Hong Kong Treaty Series Database 香港公約系列資料庫問卷調查
Please choose one of the following user groups which you belong to 請選擇閣下屬於的用戶組別 *
How many times do you use the database per week? 每星期使用本資料庫多少次? *
Is the database useful for locating treaties and international agreements? 本資料庫對搜尋公約和國際協議有用嗎? *
Is it more efficient to locate treaties and international agreements within the database compared with other sources? 在本資料庫搜尋公約和國際協議是否比在其他來源更有效率? *
Will you recommend other people to use the database? 你會否建議其他人使用本資料庫嗎? *
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