Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies-- 2019-'21 Board of Directors Application
With elections right around the corner, it is time once again to seek nominations for the Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies Board of Directors. Terms will last from May 2019-April 2021.

Board member duties include attending the retreat during the summer of 2019 and regularly scheduled board meetings (held in September or October, December or January, and in late April or May). Board members are also expected to attend the annual conference in Madison in mid-March.

We are seeking nominations for:

President-Elect (this is the only position for which you must have already been a member of the board of directors to apply)
3 Vice Presidents
3 Southeast delegates (zip codes beginning with 530-532 or 546)
3 Northeast delegates (zip codes beginning with 541-543 or 549)
2 North Central delegates (zip codes beginning with 544-545)
2 Northwest delegates (zip codes beginning with 540 or 547-548)
3 Southwest delegates (zip codes beginning with 535-539 or 546)

Applications for the WCSS Board of Directors will close Jan 15, 2019. Please direct any questions to Jennifer Morgan, WCSS Executive Director of External Affairs, at wcss2011@gmail.com

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