HBCU LA / DLF Authenticity Project: Call for 2019 Mentors & Conversation Partners
Thank you for so generously offering your time! You can apply to be matched with a 2019 Authenticity Project fellow by completing the following form. Please submit:

- an informal statement that addresses your background and interest in the program (300 word limit)
- a very brief list of your interests and areas of expertise, so we can match you with a fellow
- a link to your online resumé, CV, or bio/professional profile

Find a full program description and an outline of the Mentor and Conversation Partner roles at: https://www.diglib.org/opportunities/authenticity-project/
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Statement of Interest
What motivates you to volunteer? Please provide a statement that addresses your background and your interest in the Authenticity Project program (300 word limit).
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Areas of Expertise *
Please provide a brief statement of your professional interests and expertise so we can attempt to match you with a fellow. What would you be especially comfortable mentoring or sharing about? (Feel free to use bullet points or very brief phrases.)
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Online resumé, CV, or bio/professional profile
Please provide a direct link to the most complete information available online, detailing your professional background. (If you cannot share an online bio or CV for any reason, you can email one to us at awards@diglib.org. Kindly indicate the date on which you sent that document, below.)
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