2019 CU Summer Internship: Research and Organizing
Chicanxs Unidxs (CU) de Orange County is offering multiple research and organizing internships this summer. CU is a grassroots social justice organization that has been active in many community struggles for the last 13 years. We believe in the value of research to help organize around issues that impacts our communities.

Internships will focus on research and organizing in the City of Santa Ana on following topics: Charter Schools and Gentrification. We are looking for folks who are willing to conduct a lot of research and who are self-motivated.

You do not have to be a student to apply. You must be older than 18. Interns who complete the program, including a required training session on June 30 and our Annual Fundraiser on August 24th, will receive a stipend for $500.

Deadline to Submit Application: Monday May 20

Internship will run from Sunday June 30th to Saturday August 10

This internship will consist of:
· Researching the issue
· Attending relevant community meetings
· Meeting with people involved in the issue
· Writing a narrative of the experience and findings
· Traveling throughout Santa Ana

What you gain from this internship:
· Experience in grassroots researching skills
· Organizing and research training

Criteria for applying:
· Commit to a fast paced 6 week internship
· Attend weekly check-ins and spend 15 to 20 hours a week on the internship. Most of this time will be reading and researching on your own time, as well as attending community meetings.
· Attend one Monthly Chicanxs Unidxs Meeting
· Publicly present findings to Chicanxs Unidxs on August 10th, 2019

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Please check your email from May 2o to May 28. We will notify you of your selection or ask for additional information during that period. After being notified of selection, you will only have a few days to confirm through email. If there is no confirmation, the internship will be given to another applicant. Please make sure you provided an email you check often. Do you understand that communication will be primarily through email? *
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