Youth Summer 2020 Online Program
This form will be used by Parents/Guardians to sign up their students into our youth program for Summer 2020. Payment must also be completed in order to have the student completely enrolled into the program.
This program will be online ONLY, students will sign into a secure chat room for classes.

For any issues, questions or concerns please contact the Youth Program Director - Jo-Anne -

Please note that this is only step one in the registration process, in order to fully secure the student's placement in the program payment must be completed -

Pricing has been changed to $200 to make this program more accessible during these unprecedented times.
Student's Name *
First and Last Name please
Student's Email
This will be used to send the zoom invitation to the students for them to enter the class and any information they may need for classes. If a student does not have an email and the parent does not wish to have their personal email used Theatre Aurora can issue an email address for Summer use only. *Note* as per Theatre Aurora's policies students under the age of 18 will still have an email go to their parents regarding classes.
Student's Birthdate *
Does the student have access to WiFi/the internet? *
Does the Student have access to a computer with microphone and audio? *
If the student has a tablet please click on other. We strongly advise and suggest that students use a computer and/or tablet that can be placed in a position to have them free to move around for acting technique days.
Parent/Guardian #1 Name *
Parent/Guardian #1 Phone Number *
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Parent/ Guardian #2 Name *
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Theatrical Contract between Theatre Aurora, the Parent/Guardian and Student/Child - please read. *
I hereby agree to ensure that my child/student will arrive on time and be present at all rehearsals and show dates. Conflicts must be communicated to the Youth Coordinator and/or Director at time of registration. Unexcused absences will result in reduction of roles/responsibilities in the production. I hereby understand that it is my duty to ensure that my child/student is picked up from each rehearsal by the end time, and that late pickup may result in an after-care charge. I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in all Theatre Aurora production activities, including photographs, recordings, and public performances, and allow the use of any such materials to be used for promotional, social media, instructional, educational and/or commercial purposes. I hereby agree to help out with this production, as my skills and schedule see fit. This may include, but not limited to, set building, set painting, finding costumes and props, making costumes or props, assisting backstage, being an usher and/or working concession. I hereby release Theatre Aurora from all claims of damage arising from participation of my child/student. I hereby give permission to have staff arrange emergency medical care including transportation if necessary. Attempts will be made to contact parent, guardian or emergency contact first. The child/student is responsible for his/her/their own medical coverage. I hereby consent to receiving emails from Theatre Aurora both in relation to this program, as well as other Theatre Aurora educational opportunities, events, productions, auditions, crew calls, and special offers.
If you have any questions or concerns please list them, or please contact the Youth Program Director - Jo-Anne -
A reminder that payment is required to secure your students placement in the program. Please follow the prompts when you finish this form. Payment ($200) is through Arts People - *
Please note that this program will be run online only and students will not be in the theatre due to safe social distancing practices.
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