Packages (Please Read Below)

Please be aware that our free packages are often high in demand so you could be waiting a few months for it to arrive. I do try my best though to put them together as quickly as possible!
I can't promise they will all get sent if things change in the future, but I want people to have a place to apply.

These will have to be UK only due to postage cost and all addresses and information given on this form will be deleted immediately after I send them. (The answers to this form are only seen by Maisie and Emmie)

If you are under 16 then please have a parent/guardians permission to apply

Thank you so much!

Maisie xx
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What is the name of the person receiving this package? *
Do you/they have a different name to go on the outside of the package? (Leave blank if not)
How old are you/the person receiving this? *
What is your/the person receiving this full address? (If you only put the 1st line I will have to delete the application) *
If you are applying on behalf of someone else under 16 then please put YOUR name here and how you know them (e.g Parent, Friend, Family member etc) ... This is for safeguarding reasons so if they turn up it is clear who has given out their address.
Do you/the person receiving this have any allergies? *
Please tell me some things about you/the person receiving this, so I know what sort of things to include. E.g hobbies/interests *
Do you/the person receiving this use tubie tape or tubie pads/clips (we normally have some so include these if we can)... These are for things like Feeding tubes, SPCs etc.. Please don't click yes if you don't know what they are x .... Having a tube of any sort won't make you more or less likely to receive a package *
Do you understand that this package could take a few months to be sent and may not be sent if we don't have the funds to do so? (I do my absolute best to send them all out and it is rare that I don't) *
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