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We're so excited that you're interested in working with us. Before you go any farther, we'd like for you to read and review our values--they're everything to us and it's important that all of our clients agree wholeheartedly with them.

1. We work tirelessly to deliver for our clients, because we know the world is a better place because of them. But we also love our families and friends, just like you, and therefore, we have boundaries and office hours in place to ensure that we all get rest.

2. We have absolutely no time to level up voices who want to silence, ignore, discriminate against or cause harm to Black men and women, our LGBTQ and nonbinary friends, indigenous people, immigrant neighbors and religious communities. If even reading this sentence makes you uncomfortable, we are not the partner for you.

3. We expect a lot of our clients. We expect you to do the work we ask of you. We expect you to embody the new fashioned in every sense of the word in your work and words.

4. We don’t do discounts. Because we believe that so many individuals are currently being underpaid and undervalued for their starpower, we fiercely advocate for our clients’ compensation, as well as our own.

5. We love to mix business and pleasure. So occasionally, we have virtual Happy Hours and exclusive client conferences with Zoom dance parties. We’ll celebrate every high with you and we’ll be there through every low.

6. We always keep it real and honest. And we want you to do the same. Isn’t that how the best relationships flourish?
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