Teentalkindia Questionnaire for Survey
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1. What is your age?
2. How did you find out about Teentalkindia?
3. For what issue did you contact Teentalkindia?
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4. Were you able to navigate and find what you wanted easily on the website?
5. How many times you have visited our website?
6. How helpful did you find Teentalkindia?
7. What did you like about the website? (You can select multiple options)
8. Have you ever chatted or emailed with the Teentalkindia counsellor? (You can select multiple options) *
9. Did you find the chat with the counsellor useful?
10. Did you find the email or sending a message was useful?
11. How would you rate the counselling experience with Teentalkindia’s Counsellor?
12. What could be improved about Teentalkindia’s website?
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13. What topics would you like to see more information about?
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14. Would you come to the Teentalkindia website again?
15. What chat time you would preferred for chatting with the counsellor?
16. Any other suggestion you would like to provide?
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