Needyex listing process
We only accept bitcoin forked altcoins and waves assets.

Listing fee is 0.025 to 2 Btc "please don't ask for free listing or your coin as fee" ,is at our discretion,depending on the project.(Partially refund in case of compilation issues)

Time frame to listing the coin/token is one week

Is mandatory to register the special email address for the Cryptocurrency project
Coin name and symbol
Logo:trasparent png format at least 250x250 pixel
Github link:We only accept source code. We will not run a binary that you provide us.
Bitcointalk topic only,not accepted coins with newbie topic.
Max Premine 10%
Exchanges you are currently on
Official blockchain explorer
What is your TxFee for a transaction
Any social media official website, twitter account, facebook page, subreddit, etc.
Direct contact on discord or telegram
Request can be declined if we don't like your coin.
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Coin Name *
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Official Website *
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Logo url 250x250 pixel *
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