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Locally Grown Produce
Root Farm’s produces are locally grown and hand harvested in Singapore. Recreating ideal growing environment allow us to grow tasty and quality food, 100% pesticide-free. Reducing our food miles ensure greater food traceability, and increases the time your produce stays fresh in your kitchen.
Fresh Produce: Curly Kale - $6.50/ 150g pack (Sold Out)
Root Farm’s Curly Kale has bright flavours with hints of sweet peppery notes. Superb with olive oil, cheese and garlic. Make into hearty soup or stew to warm your soul. Or power up your salad with these superfood.
Curly Kale
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Fresh Produce: Genovese Basil - $3.60/ 30g pack (Sold Out)
Root Farm’s Genovese Basil is aromatic, fragrant and full of fresh flavour to brighten your food. With delightful scent of anise and notes of sweet yet slightly peppery, it creates additional depth to fresh salads and perfect with tomatoes, omelette, pizza, or as pesto.
Genovese Basil
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Fresh Produce: Italian Parsley - $3.60/ 30g pack (Sold Out)
Root Farm’s Italian Parsley has fragrant and bright flavour that brings added freshness to your food. With hints of citrus and clove-like notes, it is delicious with tacos, steamed fish, or toss them into salad mix, guacamole and salsa dips to spice up your meal.
Italian Parsley
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