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We are developing a platform to help connect ex-Google talent with opportunities for both full-time and contract-based roles. Please fill in your details below if you want to hire Xooglers/Googlers.

If you're a Xoogler/Googler that is looking to be hired for a full-time, consulting, or advisor role, please fill in your details here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1hyd0cl_sM5kKnH1enttzEqfUIHvyzQjiB9TnDOeZthW9oA/viewform.

Reach out (chris@xoogler.co) if you'd like to share your feedback on hiring, have hired freelancers, would like to hire Xoogler talent or would like to help design the most optimal experience for both sides.

Questions? Contact: Chris Fong <chris@xoogler.co>, Ankit Jain <ankit@xoogler.co>


Review www.xoogler.co and www.angel.co/xooglers/syndicate for more information.

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