SAMA Committee 2019-2020 | Expression of Interest
Are you interested in joining the SAMA committee this year and leading our club? Then simply fill out the form below to show the rest of the club you're interested!

Please keep in mind, all responses will be made publicly available for the other club members to see what you're all about.

NOTE: formal nominations will occur at the AGM, where you must have one member nominate you and another member second your nomination. It is not compulsory to complete this form in order to run for a position at the AGM, but it would greatly help us in planning the election ballots.

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Conditions to be a SAMA committee member:
1) Enrolled as a Monash University student, studying in Clayton, UP TO AND INCLUDING Semester 1, 2020.
2) Studying AT LEAST ONE UNIT this semester.
3) A SAMA member for AT LEAST 7 DAYS at the time of the AGM.
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