Florida Region of NA - Sponsorship Behind the Walls
Correspondence Guidelines Agreement  

We are a “NA SPONSORSHIP” project operating under the Fellowship Development Group of the Florida Region of Narcotics Anonymous.

This may well be one of the most rewarding things you do for your recovery. The primary purpose of this project is to provide Sponsorship, through the mail, for inmates who desire to work the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous.

It is our purpose to provide sponsors who are willing to correspond with any inmate who has the desire to work the steps.
It is our hope that in our correspondence we will help the suffering addict find the solution that we have found.
Our primary purpose is to remain clean, just for today, and to carry the message of recovery.

In observing the rules of the correctional Facilities regarding mail and correspondence, the following are suggested guidelines from shared experience to help you when writing NA members on the “Inside”:

1. Potential sponsors must have at least one year clean time, and be actively participating with a sponsor.
2. In keeping with Tradition Twelve, we respect the anonymity of our correspondents. All correspondence will be sent through a post office box, with a correspondence coordinator to forward mail to other members who are participating in the Sponsorship Behind the Wall’s program. No personal contact in person or by phone is permitted. All correspondence should be received through the Florida Regional Service Office. Never give out your address or phone number. For your  own anonymity and protection, it is suggested you use your first name only or a pen name  if you choose.
3. When we engage in this type of service, it should always be men writing to men, women writing to women. Please refer to the following Narcotics Anonymous literature that strongly supports this suggestion. H&I Service Bulletin #5 Men working with Men, Women working with Women, Hospitals & Institutions Handbook, Page 7 and IP #11 Sponsorship, Revised, PR Handbook Page 112.Never write anything you don’t want the world to read. All correspondence is opened and subject to monitoring by the institution.
4. Correctional Facilities have rules for sending literature. Most correctional facilities only allow inmates to receive literature directly from the publisher, so you should always check with a facility before mailing books or literature. Photocopies are usually accepted. Most facilities do not allow inmates to receive stamps or pre-addressed, stamped envelopes.
5. If an inmate requests an NA book from you, the committee will send the inmate, upon your request, an Introductory Guide to Narcotics Anonymous.
6. NA members with correctional facility and H&I clearances may not correspond with inmates in those facilities.
7. NA members with Behind the Walls clearances may not correspond with inmates in those facilities, unless approved by the Chaplaincy and/or the Warden of Programs (assistant warden). Please contact the Florida Region H & I Resource Coordinator for more information.  Some facilities have already shown an interest in BTW members corresponding with incarcerated members of Narcotics Anonymous.
8. Remember, it only takes two addicts to have a meeting, writing is no different, so let the inmate know that like in all forms of sharing, this helps us as much as it helps him or her. Let them know they are never alone. We share our experience, strength, and hope, and being clean in recovery. Since change happens as a result of working/applying the principles behind the 12 steps of recovery, we encourage you to be a step-writing guide through that process.
9. Encourage the inmate to participate in twelve step meetings available to them in the facility.
10. Prior to their release, we strongly suggest sending them an area/regional meeting schedule where they will be released. It is important to have a “game plan” and knowledge of meeting places the first day they get out.

Thank you for taking part in your own recovery by sharing and caring the NA way so that “No addict seeking recovery need ever die.”

By submitting my personal information below, I hereby request to participate in the Sponsorship Behind the Walls Project and agree to abide to all rules stated above. I also agree that I am representing Florida Region of Narcotics Anonymous and the NA program and will act accordingly to uphold the highest standards of conduct. If I fail to do so I can be removed from participation.
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