September 26, 2019 BSUG: LLLCs - Luminaire Level Lighting Controls
LLLCs have sensors and controls within individual fixtures that enable them to be controlled remotely or on a case by case basis. Remote control allows users to adjust the programming criteria or illumination levels without replacing the fixtures. In conventional lighting systems lighting zones are defined as a collective unit and thus are centrally controlled. LLLCs however, incorporate sensors into each fixture, such as occupancy, daylight, temperature or receive/broadcast signals. Therefore, each fixture has the potential to become a semi-autonomous zone that is capable of responding to small changes in the area under each fixture. Furthermore, individual fixtures can communicate with other fixtures, using wireless or infrared signals, to share data for an even greater potential to increase energy savings and user satisfaction.

Dylan Agnes:
After earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Idaho, Moscow campus I wanted to pursue my Master's degree in Architecture in an urban environment, but also, to explore further the Science and Engineering of building design. The Integrated Design Lab was the place I wanted to work because of their actions in practicing Integrated Design where Architects and Engineers not only work together but that developing skills from the opposite profession is allowed and encouraged. I started working on projects at the Lab through class projects in Spring of 2015 because of a desire to work on real world projects. Shortly after that semester I began working as a Research Assistant at Lab working on a wide range of projects from Energy Modeling to Daylighting Design. I graduated with my Master's of Architecture in Fall of 2017 with an emphasis in urban planning and net-zero/energy efficiency building design.

TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 pm MT
LOCATION: UI - IDL | 306 S. 6th St.

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