Bombshell Beer Front-line Hero COVID-19 Beer Program
Through the initial generosity of an anonymous donor, Bombshell was able to offer our North Carolina front-line heroes fighting the COVID-19 pandemic a choice of a Bombshell Beer 4Pk or 6PK paid for by the anonymous donor. Since that time we have received additional donations that have allowed us to provide more beer to additional front-line heroes! This offer applies to pick-up beer only at our Tap Room located at 120 Quantum St., Holly Springs, NC. (More info about pick-up will be provided later in the form.)

We know there are many front-line heroes battling this epidemic and we wish that we could extend this program to everyone on the front-line but we are asking that only EMT's, Urgent Care, Nursing Home and Hospital-Based Healthcare Providers working on the front line sign-up for this opportunity.

To be eligible:
1)You must be 21or older 
2) Provide a copy of your work badge demonstrating you met the criteria of EMT, Urgent Care, Nursing Home or Hospital Provider working in NC.
3)Be the individual who picks up the beer.

Thank you for caring for the sick and doing everything you are doing to win this war against COVID-19!
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