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Are there any children in the home
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Do you own your own home
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If you rent please give your landowners name and phone number
Do you have a fenced yard and what size yard
If you do not have a fence how do you plan to exercise the animal
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Will the animal sleep in the home
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How many hours a day in a row will the animal be left alone
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Where will the animal stay when you are not at home
Do you have any pets currently
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What types of pets do you have
Are your current pets spay/neutered
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Please list the name of the Veterinarian you use and their phone number
Tell us a bit about your current pets
If you have had pets in the past please tell us what happened to them
Have you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue before and what was your experience like
If you adopt a pet and it does not work out and you could no longer keep it, what would happen to the pet
If the new pet has some adjustment issues are you willing to consult a trainer
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Please list 3 personal references and their phone numbers (non-related)
How did you hear about us
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What made you decide to adopt an animal
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