Late Kickstarter backer completion
This form is to be used for Kickstarter backers for Helmgast projects, which have not completed or locked their orders in time.

You must fill out all details of this form. If the information is incorrect, your request will not be processed.
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How to find: Go to Kickstarter and log on. Click on the icon on the top-right corner of the screen, then from the menu choose "Backer History" on the left column. From the list that appears, scroll until you locate the project in question. Click on it, and a new "window" should open showing some of the details of that project. The top line should be the project name, the next line is the project creator, and the third line should be your backer number.
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For example: +12224415135 for a US number, +46707123456 for a Swedish number
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Name of person receiving package
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Street address, FAO, C/O etc.
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Let us know any other information needed BRAZIL: Always provide your CPF number here.
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