KSU- High School Programming Contest
DATE : November 6, 2019 LOCATION: Alumni Center, KSU Campus DEADLINE: October 11th, 2019
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Registration RULES! 2019 *
*Rules have changed. Only 60 teams will register this year, and the teams following will be added to the wait-list. This will allow more high schools to participate, and create a more competitive atmosphere. We appreciate your cooperation in advance. Each high school may only register two teams. One in the beginning division and one in the advanced division. Each high school will be allowed to put two more teams on the wait-list. Again, one in each division.Each high school Sponsor will create a new account with the new HSPC System to register teams.Each high school Sponsor must fill in the correct school information for your account to be accepted by Kelly Bruna. Each high school Sponsor will have only one account.The high school sponsor is able to make changes to their registration account until October 18th, 2018. Each high school sponsor is in charge of checking their inbox for any changes to registration. (NEW SYSTEM IS STILL BEING CREATED. FILL OUT GOOGLE FORM INSTEAD)
Name/District of High School *
High School Street Address *
Please be certain that you know and have the correct mailing address for the above named school. We will send you contest information in the mail. We will need Address, City, and Zip Code.
Advisor's Name *
First and Last Name of the Advisor arriving with the teams on the day of the contest
Advisor's Email *
How Many Teams to be Registered? *
At this time, each school can only register two teams. We will let you know if space becomes available for a 3rd team on October 18th, 2019. If a school submits more than one registration form, the second form will be considered the Active Registration. The previous submission will be cancelled from the Registration.
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