The Joy Experiment Fund
Sparking Joy in Our Areas of Influence
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If you would like to brainstorm your ideas to SPARK JOY with our JOY EXPERIMENT committee, PLEASE indicate below. We request you still fill out the form below to help with the brainstorming process! *
NOTICE: What do you notice? Where have you noticed a need to SPARK JOY? *
IMAGINE: What are you imagining/thinking about how you want to SPARK JOY? *
EXPERIMENT: What do you want to do to SPARK JOY? *
EXPERIMENT: How do you envision the JOY FUND helping you SPARK JOY and how much money are you requesting? *
ENGAGE: When do you plan on conducting the experiment or in other words, when do you want to make this JOY EXPERIMENT happen? *
CELEBRATE: Are you willing to share your ideas for your JOY EXPERIMENT with others? Are you willing to share the results of your JOY EXPERIMENT as a JOY SPARK with others? *
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