Native Seeds/SEARCH Community Seed Grant Application
IMPORTANT: Applications without complete answers to questions, and without specific seed varieties selected, will not be considered. As our primary focus is on food-plant seeds, priority is given to applications whose requests include food plant seeds rather than only wildflowers.
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Who will be working with the seeds? Who will benefit from this and how? Do you plan to save seeds from your crops?
When do you intend to plant for this project?
Will your project be serving a Native community? If yes, please describe. (This does not affect your eligibility, it only affects which seeds you may choose from.) *
List the specific seed varieties you are requesting. Choose up to 30 packets, & no more than 3 packets of a single variety. Write your requests in this format: "D018 - Chimayo Chile - 3 ". You must select specific seeds—applications that do not choose specific seeds will not be considered. For example, a request for "Teparies" will not be considered, but a request for "PT079 - Blue Speckled Tepary - 3" will be considered. Available seeds can be selected here: (each image on this page is a link to multiple varieties of that crop). If your request is serving a Native community, you may additionally select seeds from our Native Access page here: Select wildflowers included in the program can be found here: Special Collection packs are not included. Substitutions may be necessary. Please specify catalog number, variety, and number of packets for each variety requested, listing each variety on a new line. *
Example: PT079 - Blue Speckled Tepary - 3
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Example: 3584 E. River Rd., Tucson, AZ 85718
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By submitting this application I give Native Seeds/SEARCH permission to use information about how my organization used the donated seed in Native Seeds/SEARCH publications. I confirm that the donated seeds will be used only for the purposes described in this application, and that these seeds are not to be sold. I also pledge that all reasonable attempts will be made to save and distribute viable seeds resulting from our efforts with the donated seeds and that I will submit a brief report to Native Seeds/SEARCH upon completion of this project. *
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