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Book Description
From the parlors and ballrooms of London, through to the wild, open coastline of Kent, this tale of romance and adventure will have you spellbound.

Jean de Lacey is a jaded French émigré who reluctantly decides the only way to revive his fortunes is by marrying a wealthy wife. But before he proposes to anyone, he must free himself of the smuggling gang he has been involved with since his arrival in England.

He woos young, beautiful Eugenie Ponnette, a fellow émigré, however de Lacey resists agreeing to the love match she insists on, even though his passion for Eugenie is different to anything he has experienced before.

Before he can offer marriage, they are both caught up in danger – he from the smugglers he once called friends, and she from de Lacey’s deranged ex-lover.

But Eugenie is no damsel in distress – except from the suppressed memories of the horrors she experienced in Paris, and her own discoveries about de Lacey’s none-too-salubrious past.

Can de Lacey admit his feelings before it is too late?

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