2019 South Park Putts Out - Hole Application
Event Details:
• Putts Out takes place one night only on: Tuesday August 6th from 5:30pm – 8:30pm as part of the National Night Out Against Crime block party.
• Applications are due July 21st. You will receive confirmation of your participation by July 28th.
• Applicants will be selected to create a mini golf hole in the 800 block of South Thistle Street using the grass along the parking strips.
• This will be our 10th year of Putts Out! If you have not attended before please visit our South Park Arts Facebook page and view our album of past photos, or visit southparkarts.org and check out previous year’s photos under past events.

Participation Details:
• You or your group may apply for funding of up to $100 to help compensate for supplies and time. Please provide a W-9 form at the event if you want this stipend.
• South Park Arts will provide putters, golf balls, score cards, pencils and a hole digger (if needed.)
• All hole builders need to have vehicles off the block, courses set and ready to play by 5:15pm on Tuesday August 6th and are responsible for the complete removal of your installation from the area after 8:30pm.
• By participating, you agree that South Park Arts may use photos of your creation on our website or future publications.
• You will be assigned an address on the 800 block of Thistle to set your course in front of. Please check in with coordinators before unpacking and setting up. If you have a preferred address, please include it on the application.
• Think grand and imaginative, but also remember it is a one night event – so most important just have fun with your idea and make sure you can execute it without stress!
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