Zenista Application

We are so excited that you want to help out at Zen Loft!

We are a women-owned business collective of wellness professionals, artists, musicians, and other creatives.
We opened in April of 2016 and are located in the heart of downtown Aurora.
We welcome ALL respectful, peace-loving humans to apply.

Whether you want to hold space for open hours and give tours, volunteer in the shop, earn extra income hosting a community event, or help us out at a festival, with a project, or advertising--there is some fun way that you can participate!

Depending on your level of involvement, Zenistas can earn credits toward services, space rental, or products in our shop.  

Instead of "volunteering," we would love for you to find a way to use the space to earn some extra income and collaborate with others within the collective.
Together, we can create greater sustainability and stability for ourselves, our families, and within our communities.

Please fill out this form and read more about what we do and what your options are, then text Emily at (630) 465-5638 to let her know that you're interested in becoming a Zenista!

We will contact you soon to go over your responses and availability (there's a Zenista for that, too!).  If you'd like to just come in after you fill this out, there is always something to do.  And we have snacks!

To volunteer specifically at First Fridays, please fill out this form:

To volunteer exclusively in our metaphysical shop, please fill out this form and text Maria Saltijeral  at (331) 257-8585 to let her know.

Thank you so much for applying!
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Email *
Your full name and pronouns *
Why are you interested in being a Zenista at Zen Loft? What drew you in? *
Do you have any special skills or talents that you would like to share with the collective?
Perfect for students or people with flexible work schedules -- do homework, work remotely, study for that big exam, give tours in between, eat snacks, hang out with friends.

We are always looking for more awesome, chill, friendly, peaceful people to welcome Zen guests in between work and classes.

Earn extra income -- host an event and split the donations with us 50/50.

We have a whole list of ideas, but we want to hear yours!


Be the change you want to see!

Create the wellness events and activities that you want to see in your community.

Do you have any ideas for community events you'd like to host or another creative way to use the space? (Craft/movie/podcast nights, etc.)
We are always looking for an extra hand in these areas... Please check all that fit your interests:
Are you available to hold space for a shift during Open Studio Time? (Basically, you'd be the welcoming crew and tour guide to our Zen guests)
Would you like to LEAD any of these events/projects for a 50/50 split of donations?
Would you like to help with these events/projects/tasks?
Zen Loft is a Safe-Zone for ALL people.  We are a welcoming, inclusive, and safe place for people of color, queer, trans and non-binary people, and we respect all races, religions, colors, and creeds.  Informed consent of everyone around us at Zen Loft is our highest priority.  By applying, I agree to these terms of membership and promise to treat everyone I encounter at Zen Loft with kindness and respect both in and outside of the studio. *
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Zen Loft has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for consent violations.  This includes, but is not limited to, hate speech, hierarchical posturing, body shaming, racism, ageism, ableism, sexism,  misogyny, or anything else that we might deem inappropriate or distasteful.  As a collective, our behavior in and outside of Zen Loft reflects upon that of the whole. If you have had conflicts around consent in other communities, you must disclose this information and do your part to make amends. You understand that if you do not abide by the universal rules of inclusivity and consent both in and outside the space, you will be approached and will lose your membership privileges and the opportunity to attend future events at Zen Loft. *
What would you like to receive for your help? (If it's not listed, please tell us in the comments)
Our Zenistas help us stay open! "Space holding" doesn't necessarily mean "volunteering" -- we would much rather you find a creative way to pay yourself during your time here. Whether that's by making and selling a craft, networking with the other collective members, offering professional services, or creating community events and keeping 50% of the donations, we welcome all of your great ideas for sustainability.  Zen Loft has five beautiful spaces that each offers a different vibe.  We encourage people to spend time in each room and see what calls to you.
Host Community Events --> Earn Extra Income!

We want more events in our space, and you want to earn some extra income!
Why not host a community event in our beautiful space?


Maybe you know of a great podcast...
Let's collaborate on listening parties!

Maybe you know all the must-see movies that people should be watching this season...
Why not start a movie night?  

Maybe you're a poet, song writer, or musician...
Start your own open mic night, poetry night, or drum circle!

Maybe you're a great conversationalist or a natural mediator...
Perhaps you would be interested in hosting a community discussion night!

Maybe you love playing board games and you are really good and explaining the rules...
How about starting a day where we sit around, eat snacks, and play board games?

Whatever your creative talent, we want to help you nurture it so that it grows into something beautiful within our community.
Questions & Comments
Thank you for your interest!
We're so excited and honored that you love our space and would like to spend more time with us!  


--  Please text Emily "Sunshine" Beaupre on the main line at (630) 465-5638 and let her know that you've submitted this form.
--  If you have questions, please text or email them to ZenLoftWellnessCenter@gmail.com.

The best way to get answers is to just come in and ask!

Sunshine is at Zen Loft on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1-4pm.
Maria is here Tuesdays-Fridays from 3-7pm, and Saturdays from 12-5pm.
We will review all of your info and contact you soon with more information.
If you don't hear from us in 24hrs, please reach out via text message at (630) 465-5638 to let us know that you're waiting on your Zenista application.

In the meantime, please check out our website and consider coming in and supporting a member of our business collective this week!

Visit our website at www.ZenLoftWellnessCenter.com/Calendar for more info on each of our business collective members and their offerings.


We are looking for people who want to co-create a community center with us so that we can all benefit. 
The kinder and more knowledgeable you are about what we do, the more interested people will become in joining in.  If you're a greeter, you will most likely be the first contact a visitor has here. You set your hours of availability; however, we will depend on you to hold true to your commitment. We are trusting you with the integrity of our reputation, so please come with helpful and transparent energy.

Thank you so much for your time!

We look forward to sharing community space with you!


The Zen Loft Community
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