Diversity in Entrepreneurship Applicant Mentorship Program Questionnaire
Application mentorship matching with StartX founders is NOT guaranteed, as this is a new experimental program for us! (For the time being, there are limited spots available. But we hope the pilot goes well and we can expand this program in the future!)

Important disclaimers about this initial experimental pilot period:

1) Receiving mentorship through this program is NOT a substitute for any part of the StartX Admissions process and this mentorship process is its own standalone volunteer initiative.
2) This mentorship pilot initiative is entirely volunteer run, by StartX entrepreneurs. It is not an official step in the StartX evaluation process, will not affect your application, and it will not be taken into consideration towards the acceptance of your team in the StartX community.
3) Do NOT expect any of the StartX entrepreneurs you connect with via this mentorship form to also be StartX judges.
4) Information you decide to share on this form will be visible to the StartX entrepreneurs who are volunteering to coach & mentor applicants. Do NOT expect the information you share in this form to also be forwarded to StartX judges. The information collected by this form IS NOT connected to the judging portal.

We want this to be purely a mentorship/coaching experience. So get connected and be inspired!

Please answer the following questions to help StartX entrepreneurs self-identify the applicants who they feel they can be most helpful to.
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What are your key issues in D&I at the moment?
What measures have you planned or implemented?
What would make this mentoring valuable for you?
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What topics are you looking to discuss with your mentor?
What experiences are you looking for your mentor to have?
What is the biggest problem that you are trying to solve for your business, and how do you think your mentor can support you?
What are your milestones for the next 1, 3 years?
Who are your advisors and how did you get them?
What is your current funding?
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