Energy Landscape Optimization Paper
This form is open to all Foldit players who have played a "Monomer Design" puzzle in Foldit (like Puzzle 1698: Medium Monomer Design).

Researchers at the Baker Lab have used Foldit players' work to help develop a new method for designing proteins. They are preparing a research paper to share the results. If you would like to be included among the authors of the paper, please fill out this form.

The researchers found a promising new design strategy that uses machine learning to optimize a protein's energy landscape. In order to evaluate this strategy, the researchers needed a large dataset of previously-designed proteins. Over the years, Foldit players have amassed a large number of diverse protein designs—an ideal dataset. The researchers calculated energy landscapes for these designs, and used that data to benchmark and improve the performance of their new machine learning strategy.
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Any Foldit player that has played a Foldit design puzzle may choose to be included as an author on the paper. If you choose to be an author, your full legal name will appear in the official author list of the paper, as a member of the "Foldit Players" consortium.

Note that your legal name will NOT be associated with your Foldit username, or with any individual protein designs discussed in the paper.
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The paper will include a dataset of Foldit player designs. With permission, we would like to credit each design to the responsible Foldit player(s), by his or her Foldit username.

Note that your Foldit username will NOT be associated with your legal name in any way.
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