Individual Tutoring Request
Through this form, you may request appointments with a tutor for any HutchCC course and may expect a reply in one to two business days. For specialized classes, we may need extra time to find and train a tutor, or your instructor may help you make other arrangements to get help.

Before you request a tutor, understand that tutors act more like a coach than a teacher or ghostwriter; they will not reteach your class or do your work for you, but they can guide, clarify, encourage, and introduce study techniques to help you become a more successful student.

(APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE DURING SUMMER SEMESTERS nor BETWEEN SEMESTERS. For math and writing assistance during summer, email, or visit Rimmer Learning Resource Center at 12th and Plum Street.)

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED A FORM THIS SEMESTER, even if for a different subject, you do NOT need to fill this out again--simply email us your request. We will add your new information to your existing form and do what we can to assist you.
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Preferred contact information *
Phone number and/or DragonZone email. Note that if you want to receive texts, we also need to know your provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) since our landline means we have to text via email. ...Remember to check for messages from us!
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With which class(es) do you need help? *
Notes: 1) We provide individual tutoring ONLY for HutchCC classes that you are currently enrolled in, and for HutchCC-offered certifications. 2) Please be specific. E.g., instead of "Chemistry," please write "Gen Chem," "Chem I," or "Chem II." 3) If you need help in MATH or WRITING, *PLEASE TRY OUR DROP-IN SERVICES FIRST* (in person or by email) BEFORE you request individual tutoring.
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Who is (or are) your instructor(s)?
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What aspect(s) of the class do you want a tutor to help you with? *
E.g., A particular concept or assignment--or certain study skills such as reading comprehension, note-taking, memorization, time management, test-taking, etc.
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Learning notes *
What methods help you learn best? What might a tutor need to know to help you learn better?
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Past tutoring experience *
Please describe what worked and what didn't during any past experiences with tutoring--or write NA for "not applicable."
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How much tutoring do you expect to need? *
(We can adjust this later if your needs change.)
When might you be available for tutoring? *
RLRC is open for tutoring MTWR 8 am - 1 am (after midnight), Fri 8 am - 5 pm, and Sun. 1 pm - 1 am. However, please OFFER MULTIPLE TIME SPANS in case tutors are unavailable at your preferred time, and please SPECIFY AM versus PM to prevent confusion.
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How would you prefer to receive tutoring? *
If you want help via email, skip this form and simply send questions to
Do you want to meet... *
At any time, you can discontinue tutoring or shift between types. Note that we recommend as-needed tutoring for those with fluctuating study needs or an uncertain schedule who expect to cancel often.
How soon do you want to start meeting? *
Please expect AT LEAST one full business day for us to arrange appointments--longer if we have trouble contacting the tutor or you for confirmation. Remember to check your voicemail and email for messages!
Important note about missing appointments: *
When students miss two appointments without contacting us in advance to cancel, they may lose tutoring services. To prevent this, if you need to cancel or reschedule, or if you want to check when you are to meet, please contact us at (620) 665-3449 or
Important note about frequently canceling appointments: *
When you must cancel an appointment, it is courteous to give your tutor as much notice as possible, and if you expect to cancel frequently, it would be better to meet as-needed (see above "Do you want to meet..."). NOTE THAT if you cancel three appointments during a semester, we will discuss changing your scheduled time to an as-needed time, in which case you would need to call with 24+ hours' notice to activate each appointment that you plan to attend. (You can appeal both termination of tutoring and an as-needed status change with Brad Fenwick at or Rimmer room 103.)
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