The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an onslaught of challenges to the education and academic success of students at Monash.

Throughout these troubling and uncertain times, MSA has been fighting hard to ensure the University steps up to protect and support students. MSA is proud of the role it has played in getting the Academic Safety Net passed when the pandemic first hit, and securing its extension into Semester 1 this year.

But the difficulties of the pandemic are not over, particularly in the face of a bungled vaccination roll-out and the heightened threat of the Delta variant. Offshore students are experiencing even greater challenges accessing their learning online whilst facing heightened risk of COVID-19.

This is why MSA are disappointed that the University has discontinued the Academic Safety Net as we know it by stripping away the SFR component.

Support systems like the Academic Safety Net are paramount to safeguarding student academic outcomes in the turbulence of pandemic life.

Join us in the fight for preservation of the Academic Safety Net by telling us how it has helped you below.
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