Bereavement Leave Survey
This survey aims to capture experiences of people who suffered a bereavement whilst working. You do not need to be currently employed to be able to answer, just have been in some sort of employment: contract, casual, temporary, full time or part time, and experienced the death of a loved one. Your answers are anonymous, and your contact details will not be shared with anyone. The information collected will help inform a petition we are planning on to ask the Australian Federal Government to increase the number of days for bereavement leave in the National Employment Standards. We thank you very much for your time. If you haven't already, please visit us online at
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As a standard requirement, did you know how much time you are entitled to as an employee for bereavement leave?
Do you know what your current employer offers for bereavement leave? If you do know please indicate in the comment box.
Have you experienced the death of a loved one during your working life?
Thinking of your most recent or most profound experience of bereavement, did you take time off from work in leave or unpaid leave when they died?
How much leave were you able to take off altogether?
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Thinking about the leave / time off you were able to take, was it paid / unpaid leave or a combination of both?
What sort of employment were you in at the time?
How much time do you think you needed to take off?
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Currently, the National Employment Standards, and many employment awards, provide for 2 days leave in the event of a bereavement. Facebook has recently provided for 20 days bereavement leave after the CEO suffered the unexpected loss of her partner. Do you think it's reasonable to expect to take up to 10 days bereavement leave in the event of a death of someone with whom you had a close personal relationship?
When unaddressed grief is not dealt with, it can become stifled grief and can lead to anxiety, depression, and many other health and wellbeing issues. Do you think it is further reasonable that a person suffering a bereavement can take up to 12 weeks leave, paid / unpaid (potentially supported by Centrelink if eligible) if a Doctor or Psychologist has provided certificates?
When you returned to work, was this an easy or hard transition? Could you explain the issues you faced?
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Do you feel your workplace supported you to return to work?
Do you think having ongoing support during work hours would support the grieving process? Do you have any ideas to support people transitioning back to work?
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Are you willing to talk to us further about your experience and are you happy for us to contact you on the email address above?
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