St. Matthew Youth Ministry Core Member Application
for Life Teen, Purpose, Edge, ConnecTeen
1. Read all questions thoroughly.
2. Answer all the questions.
3. Please clearly TYPE each answer.
4. Very Important: When answering these questions, be yourself. There are no right or wrong answers. These questions are
simply vehicles for us to learn who you are.
5. Also Very Important: Rest assured that all information will be held in strict confidence by the staff of the Life Teen program.
Here are a few important facts about being a member of the Core Team:
• Team members must be at least one year out of high school or older.
• Team members should possess the following qualities: a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, an unconditional love for
teenagers, a love for the Catholic Church, regular participation in Sunday worship, a personal prayer life, freedom from serious
sin, regular reading of Scripture, and openness to using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
• Team members must be open to training and completing all background checks and requirements set forth by the Archdiocese.
• Team members must continue to possess the above-mentioned qualities throughout the duration of their commitment. Team
members are free at any time to unconditionally terminate their relationship as a Core Team member. At the same time, the
ministry of Life Teen retains the option to ask you to step out of this ministry if it becomes clear to us that the Lord is not calling you to this specific ministry, or if mitigating circumstances make it unwise for you to continue in this ministry.
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