Battle Racers Early Access
You can get more information on Battle Racers here:
Thank you for your interest in playing!
We are very excited to share with you a playable version of Battle Racers.

By participating in our Early Access, you will be greatly helping us stress-test our server and allowing us to see how many racers we can handle. It should take you less than five minutes to answer this form.

Register on or before December 20, 2019 in order to qualify for our crate giveaway! All winners will be drawn randomly after the cut-off date. Prizes include:

• Five (5) Gold crates
• Ten (10) Silver crates
• Twenty (20) Bronze crates
• Fifty (50) Wood crates
What to expect during Early Access
This will be a standalone, web version that is separate from the Decentraland build and available for all of you until Decentraland is out of Beta. This will allow you to play online and race with other players in real time. Please keep in mind that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS and may contain bugs or non-final art.
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